What Should I Expect From Studying Law?

What Should I Expect From Studying Law?

Are you considering completing a law degree?

If so, you’re probably wondering what to expect! Indeed, studying law can be a challenge. However, if you commit yourself to it, the benefits will be worth it! You will come away with a versatile, highly-regarded tertiary qualification that will give you access to multiple career opportunities. So, read on to learn what you can expect from studying law, as well as the job prospects that will be available to you once you graduate, and also, the many benefits of becoming qualified as a lawyer. 

First of All, Which Law Degree Should I Enrol In?

If you’re an aspiring law student, you will no doubt already be aware that there are many different types of legal qualifications you can choose to complete. One of these is a Master of Laws online. Importantly, by choosing to complete a Master of Laws or LLM via online study methods, you will enjoy a greater sense of freedom and flexibility when completing your degree. 

As part of your online Master of Laws (LLM) degree, you will (quite obviously!) be asked to complete course units that will focus predominantly on legal studies. Some of these study units will involve electing from specific areas of legal specialisation – such as Property Law, Contract Law, Global Business Law, Litigation, Corporate Governance Law, and Tax Law – just to name a few! Further, as a law student, your course learning outcomes will include uncovering the core components and theories of law, as well as mastering the techniques of legal research, and also, learning how to strengthen your legal practice in the real world.

Of course, as an online law student, you will need to be able to access the course material remotely. However, once you’ve gained access to the virtual student portal, you’ll be well on your way to completing your online legal degree! Often referred to as the university intranet, the student portal is an essential resource when studying law online. It is usually the central place in which all course information, assessment guidelines, and other important study details are virtually uploaded. The student portal will also often be the site where links to upcoming virtual classes will be posted. Virtual classrooms are a central component of being an online student, and you will also need to also have access to virtual conferencing programs such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams to be able to attend them. Of course, this will save you the hassle of commuting to attend classes on campus! Indeed, when studying online, you will rarely be required to physically set foot within the walls of your higher education facility – saving you both travel time and money.

What Career Opportunities Will I Have Access To As a Law Graduate?

As a law graduate, the successful completion of your course will open doors to many exciting careers in the legal arena. You could choose, for example, to become:

A Registered Legal Professional in a Private Law Practice 

Admittedly, becoming a private legal practitioner is often the most popular and common career pathway chosen by law graduates. This is because it is both a highly respected and lucrative profession. Indeed, a registered legal professional working in a private law practice in Australia, for example, can expect to earn up to AUD 100,000 annually

A Courtroom Barrister 

If your preference is to represent clients in court, you may instead aspire to become a courtroom barrister. Importantly, the role of a barrister differs from that of a private lawyer in that they will often specialise in a certain area of the law, and represent their clients in court on that matter. As such, a barrister needs to have strong communication skills, must be confident speaking in public, and should have no reservations about appearing in court on their client’s behalf.

A Public Servant

Public servants are often motivated by their values and their passion for social justice, as well as wanting to pioneer ethical issues. As such, they can often be paid a lower salary than their lawyer and barrister counterparts. Irrespective, this is a highly valuable and rewarding career and still requires the individual to have a strong understanding and knowledge of the law.

Finally, What are the Perks of a Career in Law?

Undoubtedly, pursuing an illustrious, highly-regarded, and rewarding career in law has many benefits. Some of the benefits of being a lawyer can include

Financial Benefits

One of the predominant reasons many ambitious individuals pursue a career in the legal field is due to the generous salary they can expect to earn. While, of course, this is not the only reason to follow a legal career path, it is still a very valid motivating factor!

Versatility of Career Options

If you’re qualified as a lawyer, your career opportunities will be abundant. This is because a law degree is extremely versatile, and can be applied in many different professional situations. As such, you will never regret being qualified in law. Your career trajectory will thank you for it!

Job Satisfaction

As a lawyer, you will benefit greatly from the Intellectual stimulation your role will provide you. Indeed, for many legal professionals, every day is a challenge and an opportunity to develop new skills and capabilities. 

Respect and Recognition

Lastly, you can’t go past the fact that being a lawyer is one of the most highly-regarded professions there is! By choosing to become qualified as a legal professional, you will earn the respect, admiration, and recognition of your peers, family and friends, and others in the community. 

As an aspiring law student, it can be difficult to know what to expect. From the study commitment to the career prospects available to you once you graduate, we trust that this article has helped to shed some light on what is involved in becoming qualified in law – as well as the many benefits of becoming a lawyer! 

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