The most in-demand legal roles in 2024

The most in-demand legal roles in 2024

The most in-demand roles

  • In-house counsel/ associate general counsel with 10+ years of experience
  • Director of compliance with 10+ years of experience
  • Lawyer/attorney with 44-9 years of experience
  • Manager of litigation support/eDiscovery with 7-9 years of experience
  • Legal operations manager
  • Legal administrator
  • Paralegal manager
  • Patent agent
  • Contract manager with 10+ years of experience
  • Lease manager
  • Records manager
  • Senior legal assistant


Are law firms hiring?

Robert Half found that 60% of law firms are hiring for new permanent roles, 36% of law firms say they plan to staff vacated permanent positions.

40% of legal professionals are looking for a new roles which helps managers recruit from a wide talent pool.

A survey from the American Bar Association revealed that almost 70% of law firms struggle to find qualified candidates to fill positions.

The demand for lawyers outweighs the supply and which is affecting law firms and the working hours of current legal professionals.

A survey done by Michael page recruitment consultants found that 55% of legal professionals believe the shortage of skilled lawyers to be the most substantial threat to the growth in the legal sector. This skill shortage is increasing the pressure on current employees in many law firms, as we know an already stressful job

Demands from Legal professionals

In the past few years we have seen people become more comfortable with working from home and the flexibility this provides. With a better work life balance legal professionals can better manage their stress levels.

Legal professionals are now largely looking for jobs which can offer a competitive salary, flexible working arrangements as well as opportunities for career development.


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