Have you ever imagine what you could after law?

Have you ever imagined what you could do after your legal career?

If you are reading this then you probably already know that being a lawyer is definitely not easy and may even be thinking about a switch. You aren’t the first and you won’t be the last. If your job in the legal industry has brought you too much stress and no time for yourself then you’re not alone and those who have gone before you can guide the way.

As the stress of working in the legal industry becomes too overbearing or the lack of a home life starts to take its toll, many look for an alternative career. Reported on the Singapore Law Society, in a study of international lawyers, 54% of them were likely to leave the profession by 2027. The hope for a better working environment and improved mental health overrides the ambition that draws them to the legal industry.

How to plan your break up with law

Leaving a career that you studied and worked in for years dedicating your time and effort to succeeding in is no easy feat. The worry that leaving what you know could result in failure or disappointment can get to even the most confident of people.

Accept a potential change in your budget – Many struggle to find a job which has the same financial benefits as working in the legal industry. Learn to accept that you may take a hit in your wage but decide whether your reasons for wanting a new job are worth leaving the money behind for. Learning new ways to make your money go further could be useful, but who knows, you could find something you love and still live comfortably. Going out less often and cooking at home is not an awful price to pay for a job that will give you that work-life balance we all crave.

Take time to review – Many take to travel, something you would never have time to do properly whilst having a demanding job with deadlines looming over you and clients badgering you non-stop. Taking in what the world has to offer provides many with a clear idea of where they want to go next and what they want to try. Finding something else you will be passionate about might seem daunting but trying new things is the only way to know. Take some time to figure out what you want to do next and prepare to start at the beginning. This is your excuse to take that trip you’ve been putting off and not have a single thought of regulations, meetings and bosses.

List your keywords – Think about what you do like about your current job and if these traits are what you want to find in the next. These could be good points for job searching and figuring out what field you want to enter. If finding something you like about your current job is too difficult then there’s no question, you should read on further.

What does life after law look like and can you repeat the success?

Lawyers can be anything – here’s proof

Don’t be worried about what you can do next, below are some examples of people just like you who needed a change. The most random passion you have could be your next full-time job if you let it, if you like juggling then go on the stage and if you like reading then start talking about it to strangers online, that seems to work for others.

Whether it’s teaching others on the same legal journey and showing students the ropes of being a lawyer or switching it up to work in a primary school, teaching seems to be a common choice. This can become a very rewarding career and much more fun in many cases as working with children could never be boring. Teaching provides people with a way to be more creative and still use their academic brains to help the young. Although it still has its stressful factors, teaching is a way to break away from the toxic corporate lifestyle.

The Legal Nomad blog interviewed Alvin Starkman who has now transformed his life after 18 years in the legal industry. His days now consist of teaching people about the culture of mezcal, agave, and fermented pre-Hispanic beverages such as pulque and their producers. Having worked as a litigator practising family law, Starkman has found his new life much more rewarding and fulfilling. Finding a place to live in the mountains, and discovering a passion in something which brings him happiness, Starkman may have found what many are looking for. Leaving the legal industry has brought a positive impact on his life and is a great example that leaving your career could turn into a lifestyle change you won’t regret.

Returning to a passion after pursuing a career in law is not going backwards but rather realising what you prefer. The Legal Nomad blog also took a dive into Andrew Comrie-Picard’s career change after a few years in the legal industry he ditched the shirt and tie and went full time into his motorsport passion. Andrew has now won multiple races, has a show on the Discovery channel called, ‘Car Saviours’ and has worked as a stunt coordinator on Top Gear USA even being a stunt driver for films and TV shows. Andrew didn’t want to be the one to represent the performers and the thrill seekers, he wanted to be the one enjoying the ride.

There are an endless amount of people who change their careers and you could join them, ever thought of being a baker? Well, many lawyers apparently would rather pick up a rolling pin than the gavel. Starting up your food blog could become a great success as it did for former Lawyer, Gesine Bullock-Prado. Gesine has now been on cooking shows and hosts baking classes at Sugar Glider Kitchen for those wanting to learn the skill. Since leaving law, Gesine has had a huge amount of success in her new field and her blog strongly implies she couldn’t be happier.

Those who can turn a hobby into their career are the lucky ones and this can happen for you too. Rob Freidman became known as ‘Pitching Ninja’ when he began tweeting about Baseball and this turned into something much more than a hobby for him. Now Freidman has worked on multiple TV networks as a pitching analyst including MLB’s channels. Freidman was a lawyer and began his baseball journey when he started coaching his son’s team, no time is too late to start something you may love.

Success looks different to everyone and when starting a new chapter it might be useful to think about what success is to you. Is it how much money you make? Is it the creative pieces you can produce? Is it how many people you can help?

Life after law can be a success for you as it was for those mentioned above, whenever you’re ready just take that first step.

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