Lawyer Monthly Latest Edition

Edited by Oliver Sullivan

From The Editor

As summer comes to an end, it is time to put away the old and bring in the new – including a fresh new look for Lawyer Monthly! We are excited to share the latest legal sector insights in the magazine’s new style. This month we continue our focus on alternative dispute resolution and the professionals who make it possible. Our front cover feature has us speaking with the experts at Quality Law and Corporate Services, who discuss what mediation should and should not be – an essential resource for anyone interested in pursuing it as a career path or a method of dispute resolution.

Though the magazine has a new look, our monthly news coverage is as comprehensive as ever. You can read about the latest in legal sector events and lawyer moves just overleaf, or turn to page 100 to get caught up on the biggest M&A and IPO stories of the month.

We hope you enjoy this (revamped) edition!