Lawyer Monthly April 2021 Edition

Edited by Jaya Harrar

Lawyer Monthly - April 2021 Edition

From the Editor...

For our April edition, we have had the pleasure of interviewing James Daniel Peters III who shares the details about a recent win against the Californian Government. Alongside all children, students with special needs were sent home in the midst of the pandemic but without the extra help they were required to have. On page 12, James shares his story on how he and his team fought tirelessly to prove that California had done an injustice to these children. Another of our cover stories this month focuses on the development of IP law in the ASEAN region, whether or not a similar system to the European Patent Office could work for ASEAN and why Singapore is a hot spot for patents. Turn to page 20 to find out more.

We also speak to Nick Transier on page 26, on why there has been a boom in AI recently and the special considerations behind AI patents. He also shares how the U.S. is at risk of falling behind China in relation to AI development and innovation, mainly due to the legal constraints at hand.

With March celebrating International Women’s Day, we have a couple of features from page 46 that showcase the impressive women that have changed and impacted law throughout time. The timeline takes you back to 1832, where we embark on a journey on the impactful changes that have occurred since.

This month’s edition comes with a plethora of insightful articles: from immigration post-pandemic to pharma liability and the COVID vaccine, we explore the everchanging stories that are impacting law and business.

Jaya Harrar - Lawyer Monthly Editor