Lawyer Monthly July 2021 Edition

Edited by Oliver Sullivan

Lawyer Monthly - July 2021 Edition

From The Editor

Welcome to the July 2021 issue of Lawyer Monthly!

With half of 2021 behind us and goals and an unusual summer looming, we begin to take a more critical look at progress in the legal and financial spheres. This July we discuss economic reform in Brazil and the Congo, the key steps to successful franchising in Canada, and the precautions to be taken to protect firms from violence, among other ongoing stories in the industry.

In our cover feature this month, we have the pleasure of speaking with Lourdes Fuentes Slater, CEO and founder of Karta Legal and a leading proponent of innovation in the legal sector. We take a close look at the gradual adoption of legal tech and what can be done to accelerate it, and Lourdes shares her own expertise on how the practice of law can be upgraded – through both technology and better process management.

As ever, this month’s edition comes packed with articles offering professional insight, including features on how firms can best protect themselves from cyberattacks and expand internationally during the pandemic, in addition to covering the latest legal news and M&A transactions.