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Edited by Mark Palmer

From The Editor

Welcome to the January edition of Lawyer Monthly! This month, we delve into the intricacies of white collar crime, explore the innovative realm of patenting ESG technologies, and examine the complexities of Trust and Elder Law in Texas.

Our white-collar crime article offers insights into the latest legal developments and challenges in this ever-evolving field. We also take a closer look at how ESG technologies are reshaping the legal landscape of patents, highlighting the intersection of sustainability and intellectual property.

Lastly, our focus on Trust and Elder Law in Texas provides a detailed analysis of legal issues affecting the elderly, showcasing the importance of this area in legal practice. Join us for these in-depth discussions and more in this insightful issue.

Furthermore, this edition also delves into a variety of other legal practices, such as the intricacies of cross-border dispute resolution, the nuances of divorce law, and the complexities surrounding clinical negligence cases.

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