Lawyer Monthly May 2021 Edition

Edited by Jaya Harrar

Lawyer Monthly - May 2021 Edition

From the Editor...

This month our main feature article looks at how the law can handle political lies. With Sidney Powell - a key member of the legal team that sought to steal the 2020 election for Donald Trump – currently defending herself against a billion-dollar defamation lawsuit, we look at how political lies often destroy the trust in governments and why leaders time and time again, manage to get away with it. Could the law solve this problem? Turn to page 14 to read more.

This edition features a Criminal Justice section, where we look at life in prison. We speak to Curry Dante Thomas, an ex-convict who has recently been freed from prison, on what prison has taught him and changes that he would like to see for the betterment of institutions and society. Following this, we speak to expert witness Anasseril E. Daniel, M. D. about suicides committed in prisons and the challenges associated with such litigation.

Another interesting read comes from Christopher Young on page 18, where he speaks about IP rights for those in the film industry. He shares film and video related IP concerns and what to consider from the onset and throughout.

Jaya Harrar - Lawyer Monthly Editor