Lawyer Monthly May 2019 Edition

Edited by Jaya Harrar

Lawyer Monthly - May 2019 Edition

From the Editor...

Welcome to the May edition of Lawyer Monthly!

This month we have an array of enlightening topics for our corporate and legal professionals alike. From robotics to personal injury, we cover many issues which are ever prevalent in this constantly changing industry.

Firstly, our cover story this month is all about money laundering. With billions of monies being laundered each year, governments are still struggling to find ways to tackle this financial crime. We speak with Dennis Miralis who discusses the issue at hand and why it often occurs within the property market.

An insightful article this month has been written by Erica Sanders, who answers if your criminal conviction can impact your future job prospects.

We also hear from Ben Fairhead at Pinsent Masons, who speaks about an underlying issue: pension fraud. We don’t work for decades for our money to be scammed from us, so what can be done to deal with this?

Aside from the above, we feature the latest news and updates but if you are already one step ahead and thinking about the future, head over to page 16 to read what rights our future robotic friends may have.


Jaya Harrar - Lawyer Monthly Editor

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