Lawyer Monthly August 2020 Edition

Edited by Jaya Harrar

Lawyer Monthly - August 2020 Edition

From the Editor...

Welcome to the August edition of Lawyer Monthly!

For our August issue, we have a plethora of articles that explore the range of issues the past month have presented us. We discuss how to draft a patent for commercial gain, the outcome of catastrophic cases on clients and their legal case, how to maintain diversity when working from home and what lawyers should look for when hiring a dental expert. A lot of topics for this issue, to ensure you are all up to date in the legal realm!

Our cover story this month addresses the challenges employers will face with the rise of remote working amidst the pandemic. How can employers ensure worker’s discrimination does not occur when working from home? Turn to page 16 to find out

This month, I have turned back time to write about the top legal cases that have impacted the UK’s legal system; it is an interesting read where we can truly appreciate the landmark rulings that have shaped our law today

I hope you enjoy this issue

Jaya Harrar - Lawyer Monthly Editor