Lawyer Monthly February 2021 Edition

Edited by Jaya Harrar

Lawyer Monthly - February 2021 Edition

From the Editor...

We have all had a very interesting start to the year, to say the least, no matter what part of the globe we reside in. For some, there is a whiff of positivity in the air with vaccinations being rolled out, whereas for others, there is still a long stretch to go before normality is partially restored. Nonetheless, lessons have been learnt along the way – some of which are reflected in this month’s issue.

Our special features reflect on a concern for many: data breaches. With more and more people working from home, concerns of cybersecurity rose. On page 36 we look at the lessons and predictions companies ought to be aware about to ensure 2021 is a cyberattack free year and on page 32 we take a look at the GDPR fines British Airways and TalkTalk are soon to be facing.

Our cover story this month also has an element of reflection. Speaking to Romain Gerardin-Fresse, we take a look at how companies and governments can be rescued from catastrophe; Romain’s thoughts are felicitous given the times we are in, making this article insightful and relevant. The past month was also an eventful one for Donald Trump. With the tumultuous events occurring in the U.S. with Trump leaving the white house and being banned from certain social media sites, I took the opportunity to explore what this means for the future of free speech.

As ever we have a bunch of interesting articles touching on blockchain, workplace discrimination and video gaming rights and laws. We hope you enjoy this issue and I hope to see you next month!

Jaya Harrar - Lawyer Monthly Editor