Lawyer Monthly September 2020 Edition

Edited by Jaya Harrar

Lawyer Monthly - October 2020 Edition

From the Editor...

Welcome to our October 2020 edition

With lockdown 2.0 threatening to keep us all on our toes, it seems as we draw to the end of the year, the global pandemic has no intention of slowing down. Amongst families and friends, economies and businesses are feeling the wrath of COVID-19, and all across the globe everyone is trying their hardest to make the best out of a bad situation.

Therefore, this month, we have focussed our issue on how we can try to survive the pandemic. We hear from experts that share what businesses can do to ensure their company has a stronger chance of making it through this crisis, and also touch on if your company contracts and policies stand up to the COVID-19 test.

Our cover story this month is, again, COVID central, but this time we focus on how it is impacting the next generation of lawyers. Will this pandemic negatively hit aspiring lawyers and barristers for years to come? Turn to page 41 to find out.

Shifting to topics unrelated to the health crisis, we also touch on immigration in Canada, trust litigation in Los Angeles, as well as suing and litigating against the government in the US. As always, we round up the top news stories from the past month on page 6 and the recent deals and M&A transactions that have occurred over the past business quarter on page 70. We hope you enjoy this issue, and I will see you next month!

I can’t quite believe it is already creeping up to the end of the year and with everything that is going on, I am sure many of us are eager to wave 2020 goodbye. But, onwards and upwards there is still plenty for us to report on and many things occurring in the legal business world.

For our cover story this month we rather excitingly got the opportunity to speak to Raymond Tooth. Our UK readers may recognise his name, as well as some overseas, as Raymond who also goes by his nickname ‘Jaws’ is famously known for his zealous nature in court advising on complex and high-profile, high net worth matrimonial financial disputes often involving persons in the public eye. He shares with us his secret to a successful marriage, as well as his career highlights.

As usual, we have featured the top news stories, moves and M&A transactions for you, to keep you update globally! I hope you enjoy this edition.

I hope you enjoy this edition

Jaya Harrar - Lawyer Monthly Editor