Lawyer Monthly April 2020 Edition

Edited by Jaya Harrar

Lawyer Monthly - April 2020 Edition

From the Editor...

This time last month no one had predicted we would be facing a pandemic.

As I write this from my home offi ce, I refl ect on how much we rely on technology to keep us going. The legal sector is obviously not exempt. The profession has moved from waiting weeks for contracts to come through the mail, to being able to instantaneously have a document signed and ready to be implemented via e-documents.

This is just one, small example of how important technology is in our everyday professional life, and just one of the many factors that Covid-19 has enabled to us to appreciate more.

But that is not all. The pandemic the globe is facing has pushed us all to act quicker and smarter. Lawyers, alongside other team members across the globe, are working hard to ensure businesses stay open while adhering to government guidelines.

The Courts have closed, and are exploring new methods of trialling cases. Gig-economy workers have questions, that only lawyers can answer. We are all learning from the new challenges we are facing in this unprecedented crisis, so this month, we have spoken to a variety of experts on how Covid-19 has impacted the law and the legal sector alike.

Fear not, though, those who are not just sick from, but also sick of, talks of coronavirus.

We also feature an array of articles on other legal news and updates, as well as a special travel feature at the end, to allows us to look forward to a time when we can finally go on the holiday we previously booked.

I hope you enjoy this issue. Keep safe!
Jaya Harrar - Lawyer Monthly Editor