Lawyer Monthly June 2021 Edition

Edited by Oliver Sullivan

Lawyer Monthly - June 2021 Edition

From The Editor

As we reach the midway point of the year, now is a good time to take stock of how 2021 has fared so far. With vaccination programmes surging ahead in some nations and falling far short in others, bringing pharmaceutical IP rights into question as solutions for “vaccine inequity” are sought, other grey areas in law are also coming to the fore.

Our cover story for this month comes from our outgoing editor, Jaya Harrar, who takes a look at the hottest new trend in – SPACs. Experts shed light on exactly how SPAC mergers work and how companies are using them to raise eye-watering sums of money. Exactly what laws govern this lucrative alternative to a traditional IPO? Another of our cover stories for this month strikes a reflective tone. On page 18, Gavin MacKenzie offers us his thoughts on ethical responsibility in the legal sector and the importance of principled lawyers, alongside other perspectives he has gained from over 40 years of career excellence.

Other insightful articles this month look at further trends in the legal sector. From intellectual property in the music industry to methods for building a strong patent portfolio, we explore the developing stories that continue to shape the world of law and business.

We hope you enjoy this edition!

Oliver Sullivan, Lawyer Monthly Editor