The Top 10 Trademark Battles That Swept 2017

The Top 10 Trademark Battles That Swept 2017

Among some of the biggest divorces and damages claims this year, Lawyer Monthly has picked out 10 really interesting and influential trademark battles that took the spotlight in 2017. Some of these have major implications for brands and in some cases, global industries, while others are a bit of a tickle for IP lawyers far and wide.

Let’s jump straight in with our picks for the top 10 trademark battles that swept 2017.

10. DC Comics Vs Stacey Lane Holmsley

Kicking off this top 10 is DC Comics, which recently decided to push stern opposition against a Superman Jesus image, which was put in for trademark application by Stacey Lane Holmsley in November 2016. The application came under the categories of “Decals; Decorative decals for vehicle windows; Magnetic decals; Temporary tattoo transfers.”

It’s obvious the image strongly reflects the classic superman shield, a DC Comics trademarked image. In June DC’s lawyers took note and filed for an extension on the opposition time, challenged the trademark and were surprised to see Stacey Lee stand his ground. The documents currently with the courts suggest grounds for deceit and public confusion.

Let’s see how this one pans out.

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