The Top 10 Trademark Battles That Swept 2017

The Top 10 Trademark Battles That Swept 2017

9. Eminem Vs New Zealand Party

In a relieving legal battle against a New Zealand campaigning party, world famous rapper Marshall Bruce Mathers, otherwise known as Eminem, won NZ$600,000 (£314,000) in October, after the party ran a political campaign ad featuring a soundtrack closely similar to ‘Lose Yourself’, Eminem’s crown jewel.

Judge Helen Cull, who made the ruling, determined that the National Party would have to pay losses to Eight Mile Style, Eminem’s music publisher. The President of the party, Peter Goodfellow said: “We purchased the piece of production music from a reputable Australian-based music production library, who had purchased it from a US supplier.” Ms Cull said it was not a mere coincidence the composer of Eminem-esque was listening to Lose Yourself as he composed his song.

Here’s the campaign ad. You can make up your own mind.

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