Law Firm Gibson Dunn Encourages Remote Working For London Lawyers

US law firm Gibson Dunn has told its London-based lawyers that they are free to organise their own office schedules and can work from home whenever it is appropriate. The agreement also extends to the firm’s trainees.

As the pandemic continues to shake up traditional ways of working across the legal sector, US law firm Gibson Dunn has encouraged its lawyers and trainees to work remotely whenever doing so is appropriate. Managing partner Barbara Becker said that both clients’ and the teams’ needs should be taken into consideration, as well as the lawyer’s own comfort. Becker said that balancing professional responsibilities with personal responsibilities was key to a vibrant and sustainable career. 

However, the firm has also stated that lawyers, in particular juniors and trainees, will still need to come into the firm’s office’s from time to time. Becker stressed that the firm would not want any of its employees to miss out on the training, mentorship, and professional development benefits that come with in-person collaboration. 

Gibson Dunn is amongst many other law firms that are adopting new ways of working in response to the lifting of lockdown measures. Several firms are already finding that flexible working initiatives are improving the productivity and mental well-being of lawyers and trainees alike.

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