Taxation Guidance for German SMEs

Tax consultants at RTS serve as sparring partners for owner-run businesses in southern Germany.

The state of Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany is known for its inspired technical innovators, including – to name but a few – inventors of world renown such as internal combustion engine pioneer Gottlieb Daimler (Daimler, Mercedes), ‘father of the chainsaw’ Andreas Stihl and automotive supplier Robert Bosch. But that’s not all – it has been, and remains, the land of small and medium-sized enterprises. Of almost 500,000 businesses there, 99% are SMEs under the European Union’s definition.

The services of Stuttgart-based tax consultancy RTS are tailored to this target group. RTS provides guidance to SMEs on all taxation matters, as well as in other areas including management consultancy, succession planning and various structural aspects. The firm has more than 50 branches and over 1,000 staff. For its clients, strong trust relationships with their tax consultants – built over many years – are the norm; they see their advisers as valuable sparring partners. RTS offers ‘one-stop shop’ consultancy solutions, with the group encompassing M&A experts, lawyers, headhunters and a family office.

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