Here’s why you should be attending more legal conferences

The return of physical conferences is a much welcome step towards normality across the legal world.

These events provide an invaluable opportunity for individuals and firms alike, where stakeholders from all over the legal industry come together to discuss the topics of the day and share their insights. Whether you’re an up-and-coming legal professional or an industry leader – below are some reasons why you might want to be taking every opportunity to attend such events and conferences.

Establish new connections

Legal conferences are a fantastic opportunity to grow and enrich your professional network, which is a vital step if you’re striving for a successful legal career. Even if you’re already at the peak of your career, you should continue to build new relationships because you never know what opportunities may arise. From a business perspective, new connections can lead directly to new clients and partners – and for much cheaper than other acquisition methods.

Build your profile

You can build your individual or company profile and reputation at conferences, either through presenting, contributing to workshops, or meeting important industry players. Being seen and heard is an essential factor in any industry, perhaps none more so than in the legal profession. If you can impress potential employers or clients, conferences can result in an impressive return on investment.

Develop your skills and knowledge

Conferences are all about sharing knowledge and discussing industry trends. As such, they are an excellent opportunity for anyone in the industry to develop their skills and knowledge. Students, employees, and employers can all benefit from insight coming from some of the brightest minds in their space. If you want to make the most of your conference experience, whether in the UK or internationally, explore the range of serviced apartments at your destination.

Stay up to date with industry movements

The legal industry is constantly evolving and the pandemic has further catalysed this development. New ways of working, societal developments, and changing ways of thinking have made the legal landscape a difficult one to navigate. By attending conferences, you can stay closer to the forefront of industry thinking and one step ahead of your competitors.

What events are coming up?

So, are you thinking about attending some more legal events and conferences? There are many legal conferences taking place in the UK and around the world in the next few months. One example is Legal Leaders Europe 2022 on 10th November – which will bring together Europe’s leading CLOs and General Counsels. This is a must-attend event if you are involved at that level.

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