5 Most Common Types Of Personal Injuries In The Workplace

Workplace accidents may occur in various ways, costing both the business and the worker time, money, or worse. Personal injuries can leave you scarred for life, and in the direst situations, they can leave you with permanent disabilities, some of which might permanently leave you unable to work. In such situations, or minor ones, seeking legal justice and the proper compensation for your troubles is vital, and a personal injury lawyer might be able to help you. Here are five common types of personal injuries in the workplace that you can receive compensation for.

Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle accidents, including automobile, truck, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents, are the most prevalent type of Personal Injury lawsuit. Every year, about six million car accidents occur in the United States.  When you add in drunk driving, texting while driving, car faults, and pedestrians, the seriousness of the incidents only becomes worse. Often, defective vehicles used at the workplace can result in accidents.

Repetitive Motion Stress Accidents

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly three million non-fatal workplace accidents and 5,000 fatal ones occurred in the previous year. Most of these injuries were caused by repetitive motion stress, such as carrying up large boxes repeatedly or typing excessively. Accidents at work happen all the time, and the severity of your injuries might include:

  • Accidents that result in death when an employee falls from a high building, such as a construction site
  • Employees may sustain back or spinal injuries due to slipping on a damp surface or tripping over cables in the plant
  • Amputations that may have occurred as a result of machine malfunctions

Employers owe it to their employees to provide a safe working environment, and they are responsible for reducing workplace dangers as much as possible. Some employers don’t ensure that all personnel are equipped with safety clothes and equipment and that all workplace safety procedures are followed. If you are hurt at work due to your employer’s failure to provide a safe working environment, you have the right to sue and seek financial compensation.

Accidents Occurring On Private Or Public Land

The most common form of mishap that occurs on public or private property is a slip and fall. In the winter, residents must verify that their driveway and walkway are in good working order and free of ice and snow. 

Business owners must guarantee that their premises are free of sliding hazards for their employees, and private car park proprietors must remove ice and snow from parking spots and aisles. Individuals could file lawsuits against municipalities if they were injured on public property that was not reasonably safe.

Animal assaults are another form of allegation that fits under this category. It is the responsibility of pet owners to ensure that their pets do not hurt others.

Accidents Due To Product Liability

Accidents involving a physical product that was manufactured incorrectly are covered by product liability insurance. Product liability insurance covers anything from an automobile to a child’s toy to prescription medication and protective equipment. Accidents involving product liability can occasionally result in large recalls.

Claims Of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is a vast and intricate matter that needs the assistance of an experienced lawyer. You can claim medical malpractice or carelessness if a doctor, clinician, or nurse treats you or gives you medications that do not satisfy the acceptable medical norms, and you are hurt as a result, or your condition gets worse due to carelessness. 

Surgical mistakes, misdiagnoses, poor treatment, incorrect medication, or birth injuries resulting from what the doctor did or did not do during the delivery can be considered medical malpractice. The probability of poor medical effects may be challenging to show if you pursue a medical negligence claim. This implies that just because you didn’t get the desired result, it doesn’t necessarily indicate you were the victim of medical malpractice.

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