Scott Greene Speaking on the Impact of Digital Evidence in Cases

Briefly speaking with Scott, we look at the ways in which digital evidence can impact legal cases and how ever-changing technology affects the demands and the way in which cases progress.

What are the new trends in cases in your area of expertise?

More and more cases are demanding exact location data. I believe there are increasingly more evidence items that are not device specific and are stored in the cloud.

Devices are becoming smaller while the amount of storage they contain becomes larger. So, the amount of data that is analysed in digital forensics cases is much larger than it was just five years ago.

In addition to the cases where we analyse the contents of cell phones, we also cover cell phone triangulation cases. As 5G rolls out and becomes common, the location of a cell phone based upon tower information should become more precise.

The trends in automobile electronics allow us to capture much more data from vehicles, as well. The GPS data and all of the logs in a vehicle are astounding.

What types of continuing education do you participate in to stay up to date with developments in your field?

This is mostly covered via classes, webinars, lab work/research and articles.

Our digital forensics team is constantly reading and attending both online and in-person educational events. In addition, we are also doing our own testing and creating solutions in our own lab. So, Evidence Solutions, Inc. is creating products and methods that are used as solutions to Digital Forensics problems; we develop these solutions by constant experimentation.

What developments have taken place in the last 12 months that impact how cases in your area of expertise should be handled?

There have been developments in the area of higher encryption and passwords on data. Devices are getting better at hiding their system data and we are getting better at finding it. There is no substitute for experience!

How have recent changes in technology or regulations impacted cases in your area of expertise?

The size of cellphone internal storage has impacted the time it takes to image a phone. I think there has also been more emphasis on privacy. We have to be careful we aren’t looking at things we should not be seeing.


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