Using a Defence Lawyer for Drug Charges

If you are arrested for a drug-related offence, it is important to know your rights and quickly secure legal representation.

If you are arrested and an officer of the law is trying to charge you with a drug-related offence, it is vital to exercise the right to remain silent. The police are probably going to ask questions or ask you to provide your statement to help them with the investigation. Since any statement or information that you provide could later be used as evidence against you, you must remain silent and contact your lawyer immediately to explain your obligations and rights in this situation.

A defence lawyer will give you advice on the best way to proceed.If you’re interested in finding a good firm, then you can learn more. Make notes about everything you remember surrounding how and when you got arrested. A strong defence relating to drug charges is when police obtain evidence of a crime when they commit an unlawful search. If possible, write a detailed report on when and how a police officer searched you. A defence lawyer might be able to use this information to your advantage when it comes to building your defence.

Make sure you attend your fingerprinting and show up in court as requested. If you were arrested and later released for an offence that is drug-related, you will be given documentation that will demand that you go to the closest police station for your fingerprinting as well as indicate a date, place, and time that you are required to make an appearance in court.

You need to ensure that you obey all the orders in this document. If you fail to comply with the orders it can lead to a warrant being issued to arrest you, along with other criminal charges for breaching conditions associated with your release, or when you fail to appear in court.

Contact a law firm immediately to be put in touch with a defence lawyer. Do not waste time when it comes to choosing a reputable criminal defence lawyer. If you wait too long, it can negatively impact your case and take even longer to resolve or address the criminal charges you are now faced with.

It is also advisable to enrol in an addiction counseling programme or consider looking for a volunteering opportunity in your community. If you can prove that you are taking proactive steps to deal with the problem that resulted in your charges (substance abuse, for example, or selling narcotics), and you are working on righting your wrongs, this can help your criminal defence attorney to secure a resolution with the courts that is more favourable for you.

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