Transgender Woman Settles Discrimination Case Against Debenhams

A transgender woman, caught up in an employment discrimination case against Debenhams, will receive a £9,000 settlement.

In the run up to Christmas 2018, Ava Moore had applied for a temporary sales assistant position at Debenhams in Newry, County Down, UK. Despite doing a really good interview, she was turned down for the position.

Moore then received an anonymous email stating she hadn’t got the job because she was transgender. She proceeded to open a discrimination case against the retail firm and was supported by The Equality Commission.

Commenting on the settlement, Maria Chadwick, Partner & Discrimination Department Manager at Stephensons Solicitors LLP, said: “The case of Ava Moore underlines how this type of negative approach remains a persistent problem, both in and outside of the work environment for the transgender community.

“This is widely reported to be a daily experience for most, leading to direct and indirect discrimination; even harassment whether intentional or otherwise, in the eyes of the law. Thankfully, the Equality Act does provide a measure of protection on the basis of sex and gender reassignment, though there are calls for this to be strengthened further.

“What is encouraging, in this case, is that such a familiar and influential high street name has reaffirmed its commitment to encouraging inclusion at all levels within its business, regardless of gender. The hope now is that other businesses, of all sizes, take note of their stance on this issue and follow suit.”

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