Thousands of People ’Protected At Work’ After Landmark Tribunal Ruling

Thousands of workers now be protected against managers targeting people on ethnicity, gender, trade union membership or disability grounds says GMB Union.

Thousands of people will be better protected at work after a landmark tribunal ruling, GMB Union says.

The Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) decision now means that managers can no longer unfairly drive investigations towards dismissal.

The ruling from the EAT came after Mr Pritpall Singh, a gas engineer and GMB member, was unfairly dismissed after he was one minute late in responding to a call out.

Singh’s manager had failed to mention key evidence and changed the terms of reference of the investigation, the EAT said.

The tribunal also heard the manager told Mr Singh that a gross misconduct case would be brought against him before the investigating officer had delivered his report.

GMB says the implications of the ruling mean millions of people will finally have legal protection against unfair managers driving personal agendas against people on grounds of ethnicity, gender, trade union membership or disability.

Sue Harris, GMB Legal Director, said: “This landmark ruling is fantastic news for all employees.

“Millions of workers will now be protected against the whims and prejudices of managers targeting people on the grounds of ethnicity, gender, trade union membership or disability.

 “It’s a victory for GMB, unions and the every worker in the UK.

We are proud to have stood by Pritpall and have a ruling that not only gives him justice, but will help million of people across the country.”

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