55% Worried About the US Trade Deal Impacting the NHS

Brexit dominates the UK with a major concern on the impact it will have on the National Health Service (NHS). The newly released survey on “Over-The-Counter (OTC) and Pharma 2019” by the business data platform Statista assesses the responses of more than 2,000 UK consumers.

As a result, 55% of people surveyed are concerned about the potential trade deal with the US after Brexit and its impact on the NHS – the survey was conducted prior to the most recent discussion about the NHS being a “bargaining chip”.

50% also feel troubled about access to medicine and a further 50% about EU staff leaving the NHS after Brexit. At the same time, only 30% of respondents believe that Brexit will provide opportunities to improve the NHS and only 14% still believe in the promise of the “Leave” campaign that the NHS will get 350 million pounds a week after Brexit.

Recent reports have also indicated the public wants the contraceptive pill or ‘morning after’ pill to be sold over the counter.

High acceptance for medical cannabis

Despite medical cannabis being legal in the UK only as a prescription from a specialist consultant under very specific circumstances, 38% of British respondents can imagine using medical cannabis as a treatment and 42% consider it a good alternative to traditional medical products. 31% of respondents even agree with the statement that cannabis should be legal for everyone, while only 10% oppose the medical use of cannabis.

Pain and colds are the most common everyday ailments of the British

65% of British respondents said they had suffered from pain in the last 12 months with headache and back pain being the two most common types of pain. The second most common everyday illness in the UK is colds: 60% of respondents have suffered from typical cold symptoms in the last 12 months.

Boots.com and Amazon are the largest OTC online shops

Retail stores and pharmacies are the two most common shopping locations for OTC medicines. In the last 12 months, 92% and 90% of those surveyed have respectively purchased OTC products there while online shops and online pharmacies follow with 45% and 39%. Two providers stand out from all other online pharmacies and shops: boots.com and Amazon, where 29% and 26% of online buyers have acquired OTC medicines in the last 12 months.

“Nurofen” is the most popular OTC brand for pain, “Lemsip” for the common cold

The British often resort to OTC products for their everyday ailments. In the last 12 months, 40% of those surveyed have used OTC painkillers. The best-known brands in this segment are Nurofen, Deep Heat and Panadol, with Nurofen being the most commonly used OTC painkiller. 38% of respondents used OTC cold remedies last year. The best-known brands are Lemsip, Strepsils and Beechamsk, with Lemsip being the most commonly used. A further 17% of respondents said they used OTC remedies for digestive problems last year, 8% used remedies for skin problems and 4% used remedies for sleep disorders.

(Source: https://www.statista.com/)

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