5 Reasons Why Outsourced Marketing Could Work for Your Law Firm

Working across multiple industries – from central government and charities, to legal and professional membership bodies – Helen Cox has gained a reputation for excellence in her field.

She specialises in marketing planning, consultancy and project management, and is passionate about achieving results for her clients. Here Helen jumps straight into five reasons outsourcing your marketing could do wonders for your law firm.

  1. You Don’t Have Time

One of the biggest reasons that firms that I work with outsource is because they just don’t have time to action the marketing themselves. The number of times I have spoken to solicitors and lawyers who have said that as soon as client work comes in and court dates start getting set – there is no room for marketing as it’s all hands-on deck. Wouldn’t it be great if there was someone out there that could manage your marketing when things get busy ensuring your pipeline keeps full for the quieter periods? That’s one key reason why it could work – giving your firm that structure rather than having a blog once in a blue moon and a tweet twice a year. Not having time means your marketing becomes inconsistent and that presents a bit of a slap dash approach to the outside world.

  1. You’re not an expert

Marketing is an expertise, just like knowing your area of law inside out. Trying to spend time understanding what marketing you need to do and when can take a lot of time. And you can often be overwhelmed by the things you read, watch and get told. Outsourced marketing help can take the pressure off as they are the experts in their field and they can advise accordingly. Outsourced marketing consultants or managers come with a range of experience and industry knowledge that can be used to your advantage in your firm. So, letting the expert advice and get involved can save you a lot of time and pain.

  1. You’ve brought on someone junior

Some of the clients that I work with may have brought on someone quite junior or have been promoted from another role into marketing. Outsourced marketing can work alongside your current staff to advise, train or act as a second pair of eyes on ears on marketing campaigns. Working alone and making decisions alone with partners input to rely on doesn’t always get you the best result. Some outsourced marketing can complement the marketing that you already have in house so it could work in a more flexible way for your firm.

  1. The ability to get it done

Hopefully this point just speaks for itself but marketing is constant and you need to get it done. If you have an outsourced marketing manager concentrating on the marketing on your firm then that’s their sole focus. Which means you are making the most of all the opportunities that might come your way as a result.

  1. Saves you money

Lastly outsourced marketing can you save you money. Compare your hourly rate to that of an outsourced marketing consultant, you will most likely still be making money for your firm if you were paying a consultant and implementing your clients work. It’s the cost of the difference rather than spending all of your billable hours. Also don’t forget that outsourced marketing doesn’t count as your staff you don’t have to pay national insurance, pensions and desk space for that matter. And from experience of working both in house and as a consultant, I can say that I am much more productive since I have been working for myself because I want to make sure my client is happy. When you work for someone you become complacent.

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