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Legal Ways to Make Money on the Side

In the day and age of the influencer, the Instagram famous and the bedroom earner, there’s never been a better time to find a side hustle that can reap in the rewards for little work you wouldn’t be doing anyway. Advising people on ways to make extra money can be difficult, but there are plenty of legal ways to bring in extra income that makes it easy to generate extra change.

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Influencer Partnerships

Influencer partnerships work on Instagram and to a lesser extent Twitter and Facebook to promote a post featuring you, that also features a product as per a brief from a brand. For example, an influencer, such as Scarlett London, may post their morning routine gleaming with perfection to advertise that they use a certain mouthwash to assist in making their routine so perfect. The brands pay for the partnership to be featured on the influencer’s channel. Brands choose those who are likely to gain the natural exposure through high follower counts, but also lesser follower counts if the influencer is for something niche that would result in high traffic to the brand’s page.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs work to leverage your digital presence and the power of strong brands to result in a mutually beneficial partnership. Affiliate programs are often free, such as the Mr Green affiliate program, which adds benefit to a website through the banners and adverts placed on it. Financially, the affiliate program pays a percentage of the revenue made from players. Affiliate programs work by sending traffic from one site to another, usually with a common link that would be useful to browsers on the first site.

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Funding Creativity
Paying for creative works is often seen as an oversight, but given how much we consume in the world that is creative and from the minds of cash-strapped creatives, it’s only right that they earn money from it. Patreon and similar sites offer ways in which poets, writers, artists, designers etc. can be compensated for the work they do. If they build up a big enough following, they can have monthly subscribers or just one-off sales. By offering ways that work can pay that don’t involve charging for hourly labour means that different avenues into otherwise difficult to break into industries can be opened.

Referral Codes

Similar to the way influencers work, referral codes utilise the concept of affiliate partnerships to leverage a social media account of someone with something to say about a topic to drive traffic with a discount code to a site that connects to them. Usually revolving around the health and fitness industries, referral codes can be used by anything from clothing to beauty to services.

Finding ways of earning money legally that can be done alongside hectic jobs and busy lives to free up some spending money is even easier in 2018 than it has ever been. Utilising assets that we take for granted – such as popular websites or social media channels – can end up being a nice little earner that we would have populated with content anyway.

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