Can I Sue Facebook?

Facebook Inc. is built into the daily lives of most westerners, whether in social life, business or communities. Going a day without Facebook is a challenge and many can very easily admit they couldn’t live without it.

On the other hand, there is a rising group of people who are unhappy with the supposed exploitation of information, user engagement and sales opportunities from Facebook’s part. The #deletefacebook movement is on the rise, and those invested in their own privacy are increasingly concerned about using the social media platform, sharing their photos or adding their personal details to their page.

Even Brian Acton, ex-boss of WhatsApp, another social messaging app that was bought by Facebook  in 2014 for $19 billion, joined in with #deletefacebook.

Some even believe Facebook is always listening… The propagation of smart and appropriate user directed ads on Facebook ahs led many users to misunderstand the systems Facebook has implemented to show the right ads to the right people. Many seem to think Facebook hears your conversations and tries to sell you on the back of them.

In extreme cases, some have gone as far as trying to sue Facebook for misuse of their data or likeness. But is such a thing even possible? And even if you did sue Facebook, would you have a leg to stand on?

In the first quarter of 2018, Facebook was hit with a major scandal that really pushed worldwide privacy worries over the edge; Cambridge Analytica. The ordeal that took place led to government investigations into Facebook’s processes, in particular regards to political campaign ads, and severely angered many users, to the point some threatened and tried to sue. One group got together to present a 27-page letter to Facebook, threatening a lawsuit on the grounds of breaching British data privacy regulations. In the US, many businesses and individuals filed very real lawsuits against Facebook, but the social media giant stood to defend them.

This is one of many lawsuits Facebook has faced on the back of its data policies, ad monitoring, and political campaign advertising operations. Let’s take a look at some others.

In March 2018, three users brought a lawsuit to Facebook claiming it had been documenting their calls and text messages, facts which Facebook acknowledged but said the users had opted in on via their smartphones.

In April 2018, popular journalist and TV star Martin Lewis sued Facebook for defamation, on the basis that it is a publisher, over the use of his face in Bitcoin ads. Though Lewis tried many times to stop Facebook allowing scammers to use his face in ads without permission, Facebook failed to eradicate the issue.

In June 2018, Attorney General Bob Ferguson sued Facebook with claims it had failed to maintain legal standards for political campaign ads ran in Washington state dating back to 2013.

In July 2018, one of Facebook’s shareholders, James Kacouris, sued the company following the largest drop in stock price in wall Street history. The shareholder accused Facebook of misleading statements regarding its user figures and operations.

In August 2018, hundreds of social media users in India had their social media details submitted to the Delhi High Court on the back of PepsiCo’s lawsuit against Facebook (and Twitter & YouTube) for allowing the circulation of ‘defamatory and disparaging’ posts against one of its brands, Kurkure.

More recently, Facebook has been sued by the Trump Administration, which joined a suit filed by the National Fair Housing Alliance for violating the Fair Housing Act and allegedly diverting housing ads away from potential tenants.

As of time of publication, none of the above lawsuits have concluded, meaning only time and hard evidence will tell us whether the law is greater than Facebook, and whether in the long run, it is at all possible to sue Facebook.

Though, in the case of data privacy law and damages to the user, Marc Pettigrew, a specialist in IT Law from Waterfront Solicitors, had this to say: “In relation to breach of the Data Protection Act, if an individual suffers damage, they may be entitled to claim some form of compensation. ‘Damage’ could be in the form of a financial loss and/or showing that the individual has suffered some form of distress. To claim compensation, the individual would need to be ready to prove the level of damage claimed to have been suffered and it would be for the courts to decide whether that level of compensation is appropriate.

“There is also the potential of collective action claims, which are on the rise here in the UK (often referred to as the ‘class action suits’ we often hear about in the US). This is the concept of a number of individuals combining their claims to bring an action against a common defendant. Previous examples include actions against the supermarket chain Morrisons and Google. If Facebook is found to have been in breach, one wonders whether it will be next in line.”

Make of that what you will, but it is clear that a lot of evidence, time and money will be spent pursuing justice if you decided to try and sue Facebook.

  1. annalisa molina says

    facebook is enabling sex offenders and predators while blocking people that speak out against them. a guy was making fake accounts to stalk me and they blocked me for complaining about it. that goes against the “community standards” and is negligent. they should be blocking the guy that is making fake accounts to bother me . they’re failing to do their job and being negligent of truly harassing behavior and stalking. i dont deserve to be blocked because they can’t do what is right and keep sexual predators off the internet. i posted a picture of him making another account to harass me, and they want to suspend me for 30 days. the entire company should be sued for negligence and failure to respect basic rights and freedom of speech… while enabling sexual predators.

    1. Magdalena says

      Exactly someone who I once dated keeps creating a fake account under my name with a different girl picture and sends out private pictures of me from when we were together and I have reported him and nothin gets done I don’t know what to do any suggestions?

    2. Jose says

      They blocked me 30 days cause the page fatherly posted some faggots on a bed together my kids seened it and started asking questions so l comment No more fags stories and immediately l was blocked….l think all Facebook employees are a bunch of fucking queers..nasty faggots…

      1. Gloria says

        I think you should send a letter to the major TV channel. One day FB is going to get sue big time. They suspended my account for posting news from you tube.

        1. Alen says

          Hi, I understand what you are saying . This morning at 11:48 A.M THE news feed kicked in. Glenn Beck . Headline : Censorship. A half an hour later , I was writing a news post on a Conservative Blog. I was in the process of posting . And pop up “Can’t post at this time. ” What’s that suppose to mean. I back out of the account and try to RE Log inn.
          Facebook is dead. It took about 10 sec to figure it out. How to the narrative, without explaining anything .F.B welcome to China. F.B needs time to recode the system , certain groups will get take get tagged for some bogus reason. FREE just expired. I could be wrong about this. But I don’t think so. They’ve been doing all sorta of “uncool things.” Deboosting Live streaming videos, Deleting posts, comments, and wiping out peoples videos It’s it list. Any way, if someone wants to comment… please do

          1. Louis says

            I’m being blocked for 30 day’s for posting , Now that we have defeated Isis we should send all the Muslim’s back to their s*** hole country seeing as how that hate America . I was only saying what is true .

      2. Maximus says

        You all are right: “Fake-book” gotta go! That’s what I’m dealing with at the moment.. and that’s what my valid claim is (after they recently disabled my “veteran” – pretty much since inception of FB – account w/o any coherent explanation/reasoning)!

        { You haven’t given me a chance to provide you with anything under this premise, as you, obviously, disregarded my original query with ample information attached to it. 
        Not to mention the fact that I have my own security reasons to validate any gibberish email address communications that comes into my own inbox. 
        What is it, a supposed Facebook customer service, or Facebook special?! Oh! I see now.. it’s presumably an Intellectual Property Operations? Are you referring to my Intellectual Property, I foresee? Property, which has been trampled upon, dismissed, or plainly frowned upon within many months?! Without coherent explanation, rhyme or reason?! Only to be reinstated thereafter with some generic apologies that “it was gotten wrong this time”? While majority of the audience been deprived for days, if not weeks, of its urgency and full access? And that should be considered an adequate relationship between your “operations” and one of your longest standing patrons, since pretty much, inception of those said operations?! Oh well.. let me inquire then, how do you deduce your findings “on the fly”, only for them to be overturned thereafter?.. In a process, inconveniencing a member, who advanced your cause for a dozen of years.. In a month of May, of which said Anniversary befalls.. Your operations don’t feel ashamed or bothered? Or.. perceive that there might be an older, disabled, visually impaired person on the other end of dishing out your GESTAPO-like censorship, that doesn’t add up to any civility? And when asked for proof of your pretenses are being substantiated, nothing is given in return! 

        And of what coherence could it be, to deprive such persons of safety interactions and livelihood support with those upon whom such safety and livelihood could depend on? That’s borderline criminal act, any D.A. would attest to. Not to mention a fact, that, as evidence furnished here supports, your member’s activities deactivation has been imposed here for 3 days (on or around May 29), without stating the cause for it, other than “purported” standards’ generalizations, which haven’t been upheld by your censorship watchdogs, as past experiences shown. 
        In doings so, no further activity by the member could take place, or took place, past that time. Other than friends – peers and chaperones alike – worrying sick, with their communications being un-replied, both on Timeline and in Messenger! And while all this account immobilization hoopla was in progress, and your platform’s member already suffered the consequences of this unsubstantiated and bias censorship – by being unable to interact with peers or chaperones reciprocally, outright “hijacking” (disabling) of personal media property takes place by your “Operations” the following day or so! And without any disclosure of reason or even attempt of further communication. This is an outrage and flat out abuse and violation of civil rights and freedoms. Is this considered coherent and adequate handling of situation (under your “standards”) no matter what the cause or reason for miscommunication might have been this time?! Under transpired circumstances, this account should be reinstated immediately, and all the personal media property accumulated there through the duration of long 12 years of patronizing your [ungrateful to this mere fact] platform (which, obviously, beginning to lose its snuff) must be returned to the long standing member at once! I also anticipate some explanation from your “Operations” for this hostile act. Specifically, the part of it where you would attempt to explain how do you punish “the already punished”?! [Disabling what was blocked..]  And, finally, I anticipate some profound apology for this treacherous act. }

        1. Jeff loveland says

          I want to sue facebook for harrassment. I have been banned from facebook and they keep contacting me on other social media sites such as twitter and hangout. I have had numerous contacts from mark zuckerberg and other facebook employees. I have asked them to stop but they keep bugging me. I have screenshots of all conversations.

      3. Maximus says

        Yep, Jose! They are degenerate morons – it\’s \”a given\”!
        Let\’s collaborate – to send them to court – so that they\’d have to answer to their immoral denigration and torment of \”The Community Standards\” (they are \”so bent on enforcing\” themselves).

        1. Ulizetta says

          Have you any success of suing facebook? We should all pitch in and hire the most hungry and ruthless lawyer to sue facebook in the $500 BILLIONS and all of it’s assets to a point it is permanently shut down and Suckerbugger and facebook CEOS and owners goes homeless

      4. Stephen Watson says

        Facebook ignores the fundamental right of ALL Americans…the First Ammendment. They ignore the right of appeal and allow anti-American, anti-Christian and anti-Semitic comments from politicians and Muslims to appear without regard. If FB decides we violate their standards…we have no appeal. If they allow posts that violate ours…too bad. Government needs to step in and either regulate these websites..or deregulate them. Low and behold that the first successful lawsuit be won against FB. Millions will be contacting attorneys to join in the battle…

        1. Emily Wooodfin says

          I have been banned 9 times, since January., including today. There was a post of Chinese killing donkeys as young as 5 months, with a sledgehammer. I wrote,”Evil Chinese! They do horrible, evil to animals. Heartless! They steal pets, even from America, so they can torture & kill.” What ever happened to our 1st Ammendment rights? And, why can the Left say & post anything, but the Right cannot? It has gotten where nearly everytime I make comment, I get banned.

        2. Mine says

          Well boys and girls, I have been banned from Facebook for responding in kind to an insult by someone for bullying of all freaking things. This is the fifth time in less than a month they have either hidden my post for violating community standards yet allow others to do the exact same thing to myself…

      5. Chad Gouge says

        Yes they are!….bunch of faggots and muslim lovers. They need to go to hell and burn like chunks of bacon in hot grease.

      6. Ran says

        Hate speech isn’t tolerated so… yeah go on 4 chan, 8 chan whatever chan will take you and be with your own kind.

    3. Maximus says

      Hey, Guys! Let’s form a lawsuit group – “to take them to the cleaners”!

      All this abuse by this platform should be addressed collectively!

      “Hit me up” @my email!

      I hope there is way we could communicate here to start the process.

      1. elizetta says

        let’s do it!

      2. Lenell says

        Yes, I am in. Please seed me an email at email

    4. Mr Ian Boyle says

      Facebook are not above the law, take them to the small claims court, just because they are a big company means nothing. Put the form into your local crown court ,they Must turn up to court, full stop. I took Virgin Media to court they tried to settle out of court but I have extremely strong principles, i wanted them in Court and by the way i won my case, and I represented myself, you do not need solicitors you have a mouth don’t you. Facebook is now getting taken to Court by myself for restricting me from using Facebook until the 5th August 2019 but the restrictions have been going on for months because I put up videos of Antarctica Facebook keep restricting me. Take them to Court ! They are Not above the law and you do not need a solicitor

    5. Cedric Turner says

      I do agree.

    6. charles mccrea says

      This is news but they dont want it shown then dubai has something to do with FACEBOOK. And isnt that AGAINST our laws if it is an AMERICAN site what is dubai up to. It seems that they are up to something. I hope no one has forgotten 911.bit seems they are trying to underline the american people. So they want to play and Facebook also.well INWANT TO FILE A LAW SUIT AGAINST FACEBOOK

    7. Josie says

      I found a phillipino named Albert Nevado selling my pics on his page and reported him and have been getting blocked also because i said something

    8. Andrea Smith says

      I agree, facebook needs to be sued and regulated themselves. It is time out for them making money from perverts and as soon as you say something your blocked

  2. Maria Esmeralda says

    I have been slandered along with my whole family !! Untrue posts and lies by an individual for 1 month now he posted pics of my grand children and said horrible things!! Posted personal information about me and my family such as social security number address and birthdates posted all our names and where I work !!! And Facebook still allows him to post . My life has been cyber bullied and harassed turned upside down !!! I even told Facebook in a complaint that I filed a protective order on this person and they continue to let him post !!! Facebook has no respect for privacy !!!!

    1. Veter says

      While they close people’s accounts for nothing, insisting their names are not real. Who the heck wants to put their real name on Facebook any more?

  3. Marco says

    Why do Facebook block you when some one else post a pic of you my account was hack yet I’m block for thrity days and no why of contacting them to fight back

    1. Gloria says

      They are over doing it. FB is using abuse of Send letters to the media. They are not respecting freedom of speech.

    2. charles mccrea says


  4. Barabara says

    It is so wrong of Facebook to lock people out without giving them an explanation as to why they were locked out. I have been locked out two times and I don’t know why. They have my E-MAIL Address and my phone no, so what’s stopping them from contacting me. It’s just not right. People rely on Facebook for friendship and group support.

    1. Gloria says

      We have to send our complains to the media. They are not respecting freedom of speech. I share info from you tube and they block it.

  5. John Bishop says

    I was blocked by Facebook in november…I posted it..and was blocked 30 days…and now they block me again for the same thing when I haven’t posted this…at all since…twice for same post… Do I have a case …

    1. Gloria says

      We need to send these complains to the media.

  6. Michael Rich says

    I deleted my Facebook account about a year ago. Full deletion, not the temporary crap they try to get you to do. After learning of their latest atrocities, I tried logging back in to my page to see if it was still up. It was. I hadn’t logged into Facebook even once in the last year, but they still had all my info, my page was like I had never deleted it, all my photos, posts, info, etc was still there. And I got a “welcome back” email from Facebook. Do I have a case to sue them? I want my info gone, permanently, from their site, which they clearly are not doing.

    1. Gwen says

      They had me believing I had won $600,000 and I had to pay the insurance ..when I paid that they informed me I owed late fees. Yes, they sent me all kinds of documents . I even have a credit card they sent me. This last thing they did was to send me a check and had the bank to stop payment. I need some help and want to tell everyone else what Facebook is doing

  7. Lander Richardson says

    I started a business page and instead of getting likes I got sad facesand this is my business this is how I survive this is how I live this is how I eat and I feel this is defamation of character and slanderous and scrutiny to my business every last like was turned into sad faces

  8. Elias says

    Facebook locked me out of my account. Which I use for business and to make a living.

    After they heavily incited me to go for a two-step verification by providing a phone number and an email address, which I did. Then when I tried to get connected it sais that Facebook does not recognize me and thinks it’s a suspicious connection attempt (even though I have been using the same laptop for 5 years and never had a problem).
    Then Facebook asks me to send them a selfie with a hand written code they provided me. I took the selfie as required and sent it, nothing happened.
    I am losing thousands of dollars because of this. I lost sleep over this.
    Unlike other tech companies such as Google, Twitter… There is absolutely no way to contact Facebook, no customer service, no human, no phone number, no email address… Nothing! Which is a bit disgusting for a company that makes money off of everyone of us who has a FB account !!! The least they can do is provide a customer service.

    At this point, I am willing to sue Facebook and ask for punitive damages which I can prove. I have been a Facebook customer (yes, stop saying user, we are customers) for a decade. And I believe I should be treated differently.
    If anyone else is in a similar situation, I’m open to discuss a joint lawsuit by replying to this comment.

    1. Shania says


      I am in excatly the same boat as you but in the UK. I am going to take them to court for deactivating my accounts because of an IP violation that an Ad company did on a business that I sold a year ago!

      1. mohamed salah says

        can you give me an attorney that he can chandelle a similar case in uk ?


        1. Karen says

          Hi did u get the name of the attorneys details if so will u help me out thank u karen

      2. Karen says

        Hi just wondering did anybody get back to u about f b if so did it help as I won’t some help to thank u karen

    2. Ran says

      We are doing the same – removal of business page, ad account where we’ve spent thousands and thousands of $ – losing business, won’t tell us why page disabled.

      1. Pippit Carlington says

        Hi Ran, My business page was disabled, reinstated, and then completely deleted. I am a pet rat breeder. Facebook provides the category Pet Breeder yet they disallow pet sales. Makes no sense. In addition this is being only selectively applied. Some are removed wheras others are left to do what they want. I have lost income because of this and now have to spend money to put up my own website and pay somebody who has those tech skills to create it. I am planning on sending them the bill but need an attorney to enforce it. I have a page on MeWe but it does not have testimonials, nor a PM feature, so it still does not replace what I’ve lost.

    3. Joan Cullen says

      I was hacked, and when I changed my password, I couldn’t get back into my account. Just like you, I went through numerous verification processes, and after all of it, they said they still couldn’t verify my identity. So they make it a lot easier for hackers to gain access to accounts, while keeping the actual owners of them out. I think it’s time to take legal action against Facebook.

      1. Tahra says

        This currently happened to me. These comments are so disturbing. The face that we are not able to get the help needed to access our accounts.

  9. Katherine Abrams says

    I was hacked…when I went to FB help center…they were the hackers who responded and con me out of $150.00, which I feel FB owe me back…there is no way a hacker is supposed to be able to answer me like their FB thru FB….that shouldn’t happen….we should be protected from that…I only went with it cause I was try for my contacts to not get hacked thru me….not knowing g that FB can’t protect us from this….now I’m out of $150.00….add that came out of my wedding savings…yes I’m pissed. Filed with the government and sent I fo with no response.😣 Know my new FB page is tripping. Just disappointed with FB.

  10. Katherine Abrams says

    My Facebook page was hacked and my contacts were stolen….they started sending messages like they were me for my contacts to send money to get more money from the government…as if they were the government. When I tried to contact the Hell Center…the hacked that and answered me as if they were Facebook. Then they gave me a number to call and connde me our of $150.00 to clear up the hackers and to restore my Facebook account. Come on…no on should be able to do this. I feel that Facebook owes me my $150.00….and some for stress and depression….every single ce I went thru that situation I dont trust anything….not even this page, but I’m eritt this cause I’m tired of carrying g this load on me. They took part of my wedding savings….and some of my contacts fell for the gimmick and sent them money. The hackers came at me like they were my cousin…but when I didn’t fall for it the hacked my contact and started texting and sending messages as if they were me. This should not be able to happen. You ow me for all of the stress I’m going thru do to you lack of protection…I sent this to the Federal Commission with no response. 😣😣I’m so pissed still and this happen right before the holiday…. November 10, 2018….

  11. Rachel d Siegfried says

    Facebook GAVE my identity away on December 11.
    They verified my identity to India.
    My identity was already verified with Facebook.
    Facebook has a copy of my drivers license.
    Facebook opened up a case for me on December 11 with a case number.
    They have not written me one thing since then.
    The hackers they gave my identity to are organized international hackers. These hackers have made my life a living hell-and they are still with me. They took over my iPhone-entered my MacBook Pro-destroyed the hard drive. Apple Senior ITs have been working with me since December. Apple said ther have never seen anything like this before. I am still working with iTs on a daily basis. I am on my second computer and my second IPhone. These people have ruined my business, my relationships, and my life. I don’t leave my house. I only cry now, and wonder how I am going to pay my bills. I have lost everything. They have my entire identity. They have now linked themselves to my website . They got 92 stored passwords in my IPhone. I have screenshots of every thing. They entered the locked website-made an active link html template-I rememberered the address before they realized I was reading it. I researched and uncovered an entire illegal scandal involving Facebook..

  12. Joanie Lynn Veasey says

    Look I have tried to deactivate my account.. but it want let me. On top of that I tried to delete my posts.. it says it does but 3 days later they pop back up on my account. Also it keeps turning my messenger camera on with out me doing so. Just like it’s adds people to my account that I never approved. It also shows my exact location when I have disabled it

  13. Kathryn Brewer says

    I have a Facebook account I can’t get into, has all my pictures I want so I can delete Facebook, I opened another factor account to see if I could get my pictures and of course not, and in 2013 someone who said that they were from Facebook, he said that I had to let him into my computer and I gave him a $100 to fix it, I had no idea that Facebook didn’t have a phone number at the time. I want my money #back and my pictures that have been taken from me.


    Facebook rejected my ad for a kitchen (Culinary) knife which is clearly and plainly allowable by their standards. The reason given was that it was considered a “Weapon”. Their own Published Standards bar “Knives (non-culinary)”. When I rightly appealed they gave the same answer. When I posted the Rejection it’self, they also refused to publish that one for the same reason…. it wasn’t even an Ad and even about a knife! Since my ad won’t reach the estimated 7-18,000 people this weekend I believe I was incurred a financial damage here!

    1. Gloria says

      We need to send our complains to the media. FB is using abuse of power plus is against freedom of speech. Thay block news that I posted from you tube.

  15. Doc wells says

    On about the 23 feb2019 face book lock my account for not a reasons at all my best friend is a Muslim he sender me from messager that white hate group in ark gang. Got busted 5000 face book lock me out and him also be cause of the message we were trying to send to our friends that is wrong my net worth is for my shop face book lie to my best friend and me they sent code to get back on but lie to us they would not except them then wanted me to take a picture of my self I\\\’m not going to do that no way. I have thousands of people on the site want them to know look very close what face book have done to very good people DON\\\’T let them do it to U soon or later they will
    They need to be look at more closely I can make it with out them myself my best friend is sick on oxgien stage 4 it helps him stay in touch with family.

  16. Jeff Shipman says

    How can I take legal action against Facebook over their “Community Standards” which has clearly violated my guaranteed 1st Amendment Right by the U.S. Constitution?

    1. Paul jaramillo says

      It is difficult to contact a lawyer who is willing to fight against Facebook, so many are intimated because it is a billion dollar company,they are cowards. Any company can be sued. If they are willing to fight for you.

  17. Anju Kapoor says

    Facebook just blocked me because a music company claimed a video that i posted to my song page and that video did not belong to that company nor the music but still i got blocked and filed a dispute but have not received any response from Facebook or the complaining company. Facebook really sucks and they know that they can shut us out anytime they want because they know that they will never get back to us for any reason.

  18. Human Activist says

    Those sons of a b****s disabled my account for no good reason without notifying me

  19. Saby J Jimenez says

    Because of Facebook allowing harassers to post whatever they want even hate speech. I do not have good legs to stand on. They have ignored all of my complaints and even condone this hate speech on social media. On 6/19/2018, these same harassers watched me and pursued me and hit me with their car. I guess this does not constitute a serious crime to Facebook. If anyone can help direct me to attorney’s I will be more than grateful. I think Facebook should be taken off. Too many have either killed themselves or attempted suicide. This is outrageous.

  20. Nathaniel Hosea says

    I need a lawyer… Facebook disabled my account and messenger for no reason Nat Nathaniel. I have kids overseas in the Philippines where I send money. I am not able to communicate with them after they disabled my account for no reason. I want to find a lawyer that will help me sue Facebook for emotional distress and my inability to send money to family or know there where about. They have cut off communication to all of my friends overseas. I no longer trust Facebook any longer.

  21. Allen says

    I’d like to know how Facebook is allowed to get my information and give it to the public and not get in trouble for it when it’s private information then I see you on here there still show me porno movies and everything and kids getting beating it makes me sick I try to use Facebook just to talk to relatives in different people but they take advantage of you every time you try to do something it’s like your robot and you got to do everything they say push this push that when you don’t even understand half the shit they want you to do and for some reason people have been getting into my Facebook account and everything so now I know where the issue is it’s Facebook’s workers that’s how they’re getting in so easy so if there is a lawyer and this is true I would like let me get back to me because this is not right it’s pathetic with rich people like that are allowed to get away with when people like us or just trying to communicate but yet they said No Boundaries they say they do but they don’t but they’re in looking at every private thing you have on your phone it’s not right I don’t like someone to know every little bit about my life are my pictures of my kids and different things so there should be something done about this it’s okay for them to fuck with somebody’s head and make their life miserable and get away with it why you have to sit back and live with the consequences I’ve doing nothing wrong but you got people coming into your phone or tablet and looking at all your private stuff this is not right supposed to be rights in this country but we’re like little puppets you might as well this bend over and let him jamming all the way in because that’s exactly what you’re doing to everybody screwing everybody and their lives…….

    1. Karen says

      Hi did u find a soliciter if so will u help me go fowerd too thank u karen

      1. Paul jaramillo says

        I need to fight for my Facebook account it was disabled. Mark zuckerberg has made 66.8 billion and I needed my account to contact family. Our freedom of speech must be protected.

  22. Louis says

    How do we Sue Facebook for depriving us of our freedom of speech ?

    1. WILDMAN says


      1. Paul jaramillo says

        What lawyer would fight against Facebook on our behalf?

  23. Neal says

    I’m suing, I don’t care who failed before me. I logged in using my email and password as I have since 2006/7. They asked for my cell but I’m overseas now and told them my cellphone was stolen and reported to the cell company on 26 March 2019. So they asked in writing for my passport and bank statements or ID they have on file. I never sent them my ID, so how would they have an ID on file?

  24. Jonathon Noble says

    Facebook discriminates against the LGBT+ community, I’ve been banned from posting twice due to something related to such. First I was banned for defending transgender people, then I was banned for sharing a viewpoint that a lot of asexual like myself tend to have.

  25. wmagg says

    Facebook blocks Americans while allowing anti American bile to be pushed on their site Perhaps a class action legal action is what needed.

  26. corneliu ionut says

    In last few month facebook disabled more then 15 facebook acounts of mine. I made 1 after another , and at the last few, I do not even get to log in the second time. in the evenings I do them and in the morning they are disabled.
    everything is about political opinions. we are daily assaulted with aggressive political propaganda. and if we have a contrary opinion, we get disablet our facebook accounts.
    is an INCREDIBLE abuse !!!
    especially as my reaction is a defensive one, against lying propaganda and false news. which abounds in promoting the neo-Marxist ideas.
    I must say I live in London. but facebook addresses are in Romanian lanquege , and are probably closed by Romanian security officers in collaboration with Facebook, which creates all of this Political Propaganda.
    it is unacceptable that my facebook accounts are closed one after the other. without any explanation. and that, while they use false accounts and insult non-stop people who do not share their ideas. and are alowed to disable the accounts of those who post different opinions.

  27. Paul jaramillo says

    My Facebook account was disabled. Who can I contact to fight for my freedom of speech? Mark zuckerberg is worth 66.8 billion. We need to fight back against this punk.

    1. KB says

      Facebook has deleted a few pictures of my kids, and suspended my account a few times, due to waist up pictures of my toddlers with no shirts on. However, I’ve reported truly pornographic pictures (naked pictures with only the tips of a woman’s nipples blacked out), and I’ve been told those types of pictures aren’t against community standards. What is wrong with this picture? How long will the hypocrisy go on?

  28. Yvonne Millus says

    i was banned many times for 30 days at a time for posting things like (we don’t need muslims in congress!. If you share post or say ANYTHING about muslim automatic ban for me. I want to sue them.

  29. Christine Anderson says

    I’m being harassed by the facebook company for posting on my wall on facebook they always delete my posts and my pictures they block me cause of someone reporting me account but when I report a fake account or a post the violates they’re community standards they don’t do anything about it like block that person I report but they block me for 30 days I want to sue them for harassing me and deleting my posts on my facebook wall the company isn’t paying money to use Facebook I’m paying with my own money so yes I want to sue the facebook company

  30. Melinda Lester says

    I was a part of the identity theft involving Facebook I’m trying to find legal representation and I was blocked for things I never posted I tried to tell them that wasn’t me and change my password and they wouldn’t let me then someone tried to access my bank account because Facebook wouldn’t let me change my password I keep getting texts and weird phone calls and I keep reporting this and no one is hearing me out! I want to sue Facebook can someone send me who I need to go to?

  31. Brandy says

    My Instagram was hacked and i was bullied and harrassed for money then he stole my credit card and they wont do anything to help it was money i needed for cancer treatments now i have slim chances of surviving any advice would help

  32. Dav says

    Facebook helps left domestic terrorism

  33. Veter says

    Account has been discontinued supposedly because the name is not \”real\”. now Facebook wants to see ID. On all previous messages form this account now states that the \”account has been discontinued because it has been abusive\”. That is simply a lie – that is not true, account was never accused of any abuse. Posting this to all contacts is a defamation of the customer\’s character. Has anyone sued for defamation?

  34. Joseph Smith says

    I have been locked out of my Facebook account three different times..
    Now they want very sensitive photo I’d of me to stay on Facebook..
    Which I am neaver going to do…’s none of their business….
    They have gone way beyond the scope of the law…
    They have violated my political beliefs because I am REPUBLICAN…

  35. James says

    I created a ads account and put on my food / baking products/ concentrates, facebook shut it down saying its vape related, i explained it was not vape related and no where on my site does it say its for vape. I viewed the terms of service and no where did i see i was breaking the rules so i asked facebook to point out in their terms of service where it says this, my reply from them was to delete me with no form of appealing. Disgusting company facebook is , no telephone support and no email support. I cant even write back as they deleted me.

  36. Blair Wright says

    My Facebook account was disabled after they first said “suspicious activity” and blocked me till I entered my mobile number then they blocked me again a couple days later for “suspicious activity” and I had to submit a picture clearly showing my face to prove I’m me. 24 hours later my account was working then after just a few hours they disabled my account and never said what this “suspicious activity” was. I went to their help center and submitted a picture of my driver license which they required to review the situation and have not gotten a reply yet (3 days so far). I tried making another account and they pulles the same “suspicious activity” nonsense again and disabled that account as well all the while never explaining what the “suspicious activity” is. They shouldn’t be legally allowed to do this with zero explanation as to why. Would be nice if we could sue them.

  37. Blair Wright says

    They did the same thing to me. After they told me to submit a picture clearly showing my face which I submitted they disabled my account with zero explanation. Why ask for a picture if after submitting it they still disable our account.

  38. Stephen Watson says

    Facebook ignores the fundamental right of ALL Americans…the First Ammendment. They ignore the right of appeal and allow anti-American, anti-Christian and anti-Semitic comments from politicians and Muslims to appear without regard. If FB decides we violate their standards…we have no appeal. If they allow posts that violate ours…too bad. Government needs to step in and either regulate these websites..or deregulate them. Low and behold that the first successful lawsuit be won against FB. Millions will be contacting attorneys to join in the battle…

    1. Rick Carufel says

      This is the problem with parasitic corporatism. They think they are beyond the reach of constitutional restrictions ever since Reagan allowed drug testing as a requirement for employment and trampling our rights against self-incrimination.

  39. Caesar says

    I’ve sent Facebook EVERYTHING they asked with each question leading up to more information they wanted. Next they wanted my phone number and i said NO! NOW they won’t let me into my account. I created a new one as they said and they pulled the same story again. They want my phone number. I was already breached twice and they know it, I sent them my privacy breach reports. I sent them my email accounts and still my info, pics and more are there for anyone to take. OF course they are doing things they shouldn’t. Zuckerbergs wife was on TV the other day talking about privacy, maybe they should be followed around and harassed like they make us feel since we can’t even access our own information. Politcians are at cafes all the time which I DO NOT agree with yet what do these aresholes think when they are given all the info to get into your account and you opt of of giving your personal phone number?

  40. Mike says

    Facebook is a criminal that promotes corruption powerabuse torture crimes victimisation crimes political correctness. Social media is a part of the evolution of communication and not to be monopolised.

  41. Cathy says

    Facebook is censoring me for a day because I feel we have the right to freedom of speech they are violating my rights as an american citizen and I feel we have the right to defend ourselves no matter the issue!

  42. David Deryckere says

    Facebook as completely blocked my website URL: and lying telling people it is malicious and abusif, i have an E-commerce website ( a marketplace ) for Belgium, because of facebook block now i am receiving negative feedback of people saying don’t trust this website ect…

    Messaged facebook many times about this issue with no results.

    I am indexed by google with no errors, i have SSL certificate installed and everything and made sure it is secured and safe.. i have spent time money effort.

    Launched my website at the beggining of august 2019 and already being ruined by facebook.

  43. Natalie Resendiz says

    Since May of 2010 I’ve been tediously and painstakingly building my business page as a Breeder of dogs having reached close to 9000 page fans/followers. Along the way, I did many things to ramp up the pages interest and number of followers including paying for ads. PETA has gotten Facebook to impose a new policy restricting ANY pet postings remotely associated with sales. Fine, but am I not entitled to a refund of all monies paid to build that page they’ve put an abrupt end to? What lawyers would take a case like this?

    1. Pippit Carlington says

      Hi Natlie, I am a pet rat breeder whose page was unpublished, reinstated after manual review and then totally deleted by a Facebook employee. I find it especially hippocritical that they continue to provide the category \”Pet Breeder\” for a choice when someone creates their business page, yet they don\’t allow animal sales. In addition many breeders have been left alone while some have been absolutely harrassed with deletion of their pages and all kinds of other penalties. I lost full access to my Facebook account for 2 weeks with less than a day\’s break in-between before being locked out again. I have a strong suspicion there is alot more to this than meets the eye. I wonder how much PETA is paying them under the table? I can\’t imagine that it would be more than the ads many breeders have taken out combined. I wonder whether some breeders are of benefit to them and those get left to do what they want, whereas others they view as not bringing in money to Facebook. I\’m not sure how all this works technologically, but it seems something like that must be entering into the equation and that is why they still have the Pet Breeder category.

      Although I created a page on MeWe; it does not have all the functions my Facebook breeder page had, and worst of all, I no longer have my testimonials which really help in building my brand and inspiring customer confidence in new people who are looking for their first pet rats.

  44. Pippit Carlington says

    I really wish some lawyers would respond here and take these cases that involved lost income and incurred expenses. Somebody has to be the first to challenge this in order to set a precedent. Don’t be timid, lawyers, bring it on!

    (Not sure why some of my posts have all these / in them where they don’t belong after they’re posted. Hope that gets fixed if the tech people are reading here).

  45. Rick Carufel says

    I am the victim of sustained troll attacks and am getting repeatedly reported by them and it seems they just automatically block me with no human, or one with an adequate knowledge of English, even reading them. I gave two online businesses that are being damaged by FBs frivolous bans, which are doing exactly what the trolls want, to destroy my online business. The fact that Facebook has no mean of contacting them I is as criminal. No business should be allowed to operate anonymously. The question is what can I do about Facebook helping trolls destroy my reputation, business and livelihood?

  46. Rick Carufel says

    Facebook also tags members for persecution for political reasons. Earlier this year they blocked me 3 times for using the phrase, “zionist filth” when referring to the Israeli government’s continued murdering of Palestinians. This is pro-zionist persecution of opponents of genocide and should be actionable if not criminal.

  47. Emily says

    I’m a tattoo artist who specializes in areola and nipple restoration after mastectomy surgery. For CANCER SURVIVORS. I have been banned so many times it is unreal. Mastectomy tattooing, mastectomy photos ect do not breach their community standards, yet they seem fit to tell me they do. I have no option to appeal after 7 request reviews. All automated replies tell me that the post and ban will remain for said breach.
    Result. I cannot reply to my clients or post my work. I loose business and alot of people do no know they can get the help they need. All because facebook have backtracked on THEIR OWN RULES.

  48. stephen says

    Is it possible to sue facebook for discrimination when it comes to showing blatant favoritism for left wing politics over right wing politics. ? Facebook “claims” that they’re a private/publicly traded company, but they’re cooperating with govts to monitor/ban speech that “violates facebooks community standards”

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