Things Entrepreneurs Ought to Consider


It is always difficult to decide which law firm should represent you. Some may think that only the biggest law firms are able to represent big companies. However, the cases Masoud Taheri has tried for his clients against multinational companies, he and his firm has won almost 90% of these cases.

He says: “This proves that when it is about law, knowledge and strategy is everything, not the size of the law firm.”

Taheri speaks more on what companies ought to consider when wanting to expand internationally.



When entering a new market, there are a lot of factors entrepreneurs should consider; what do you think are the most important aspects these business people often overlook?

One of the biggest mistakes that we see some clients make, is jump into the market of an alternative jurisdiction, thinking that they can handle their market simply because they are a well established company in their home country. But even when the client has done research, they do not realise their decisions may not reflect on what the local people may desire. This is why clients leave their company’s legal strategy to our firm. We consider the legal entity the client should establish in the new market, in order to be safe and gain tax benefits; how the trademark or the brand and logo of the company/product will be secured in the new market, and if the new jurisdiction offers a legal system which protects the rights of the foreign companies, etc.

We often see companies approaching us midway into their implantation to this new market, where we then spot crucial legal mistakes.

Another common mistake is clients directly negotiating with the party to which they are entering a merger/ joint merge with. They should always do this through a specialist lawyer who knows the market well.


As you are based in many jurisdictions, in your opinion, which country do you think is currently worth investing in?

In general it depends on the branch. But the Netherlands, UK and Germany are stable countries to invest in. Nevertheless, one may not expect that countries such as Iran, Iraq, Suriname, New Guinea and Frans-Guinea are good targets for investment, if one act with a good strategy. These countries have new markets and are desperately in need for new products and services. At the same time, the costs in these countries are low, while the profits can be in the millions.


What is something companies undervalue the importance of?

One of the most voluble assets of a company is its intellectual property right such as copyright, trademark, trade name, industrial design rights. A company should understand that owning such a right in one country, or even in the entire EU, does not automatically mean that it works outside those territories. Thus, before entering in to a market, and even before announcing that the company has such a plan, you should take care of all the legal steps to secure its right, so that no other person or company can claim it. At the same time, companies shouldn’t accept any violation of their intellectual rights. I know that some of the biggest companies in the world (such as movie producers and music labels) are letting violators in some courtiers slip by, because they think that the violation is too small and unimportant. What they often forget is that their [the violator’s] movies, music or products are illegally distributed to the ‘interesting countries’ such as the US and countries in the EU. This is why my firm has specialised in this field, to secure the rights of our clients in the countries in which we operate.


My name is Masoud Taheri, a Corporate and a Trial Lawyer, and Managing Partner of International Law Firm Taheri. I have a Bachelor and a Master’s degree in Law alongside further specialist qualifications. I have been a guest lecturer and key speaker in international conferences and am member of several law related organisations.


With a success rate of 82% International Law Firm Taheri is based in Netherlands, UK, Iran and Suriname.

From Iran we handle the cases in Middle-East and Asia and from Suriname we handle cases in South America. We are also establishing a branch in India. We are specialized in international corporate law and international business law, mainly joint ventures, trade, financial services and guarantees.

The firm is also a Notary Public Associate Partner which means we can offer our clients, wherever they are based in the world, all the services which the local notary publics offer.

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