Family Law: Solving Child Abduction Cases

With religion heavily influencing perceptions towards divorce in the past, the shift in addressing family law and separation has changed over the years. Societies are becoming more forgiving towards those who wish to pursue divorce and legal changes have allowed the process to be easier for those involved.

Ana Maria Kudisch Castelló has over 30 years’ experience in the field of family law and we speak with her this month to how she has seen Mexico address the shift of perception towards separation and how she handles cases involving child abduction.


How has the perception of divorce changed in Mexico since you began practicing? How has this affected your role?

The perception of divorce has most certainly changed; in the past, people needed 21 causes to obtain a divorce but since 2008, a member of one of the parties only need to inform the judge that they want to have a divorce, without any reason for it. Therefore, the real fight is now on the consequences of this change; I would say that my role has been not really been affected by this shift in perception.


What is the most challenging nature of dealing with cases involving child abduction? How do you overcome this challenge for the benefit of your clients?

The challenge is obtaining another lawyer in the country where the child has been abducted, so the client will have the support of a lawyer in the respective country, which will thus help the client with the procedure. I try to assist the international congresses on family matters and it would be beneficial to know lawyers in the respective countries reciprocate the same efforts, in order for me to obtain such help if needed.


What do you think is key in maintaining a divorce that is in the best interests of the children? How do you ensure your clients make the correct decision with their children in mind?

It is so important that parents know and remember that their children have no responsibility in the bad relationship they have with their (to be ex) spouse. They should try to give their children what they had before the divorce and separation, including seeing their mother and father, if not together at the same time, then at least on equal amounts.


As Thought Leader, can you share with us the most motivating aspect of your role?

What motivates me is ensuring and seeing that children are well protected and have the same life as they had before the divorce and separation of their parents, as well as obtaining the best for both sides of the new family.


What changes would you welcome in Mexico, to better your clients and the ease of family law?

That there are stricter guidelines for parents to pay up when needed; judges ought to enforce parents to pay the money that they owe their children, and that they cannot get away with avoiding payment.


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This is Ana Maria Kudisch Castelló owner of Kudisch Abogados S.C. a firm specialising in family law and international abduction; she has a master degree in family law and has a vast amount of experience in related matters in Mexico. She is also an expert witness in foreign countries.

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