How to Tell if your Lawyer is C.R.A.P.

Arena Books has published a book for members of the public when they deal with Lawyers which also helps trainee Solicitors understand how to provide the best service possible to them. The book is titled ‘How to Tell if your Lawyer is C.R.A.P.’

Do not be fooled by the play on words in the title. It is a serious and frank talking book where ‘C.R.A.P.’ is an acronym for a key 4 step formula to help Trainee Solicitors understand the expectations of Clients and provide the best possible service to them. C = COST, R = RISK, A = ASSESS and P = PROCEED (or not). It is believed that this type of book has never been published before as it is written from the perspective of a Client from the outside in, rather than by a Lawyer writing about the profession from the inside out.

The book has been written by B J Nelson, a lay-person with considerable experience in seeing Solicitors at work. Nelson wrote the book after witnessing the variable standards of service and excessive costs charged by some Lawyers. Nelson believed something needed to be done to help Clients but also members of the legal profession in order to improve the service they provide. The book is easy to read and contains valuable information for the public explaining their rights when dealing with Lawyers, ways to minimise Client’s costs, ways to protect their interests and provide inside knowledge to the legal world.

The book not only helps Trainee Solicitors but also members of the public and gives the Solicitor a better understanding of the Client’s needs and expectations when acting for them. The book is written for the UK but it is also relevant in the English speaking Commonwealth countries such as Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, India, Singapore and Malaysia to name a few.

The book is published in paperback and is available in bookshops worldwide. The cost is £12.99 in the UK ($20.99 in the USA and €18.60). ISBN number is 978-1-909421-85-1. The book is also available on Kindle. Further information is available from James Farrell at Arena Books (Tel: 01284 754123 and

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