Lawyer Monthly Rich List – Jane Wanjiru Michuki

Rich List Fact: 

She is the largest female stockholder on the Nairobi Stock Exchange, with an estimated net worth of approximately US$50 million, as of November 2014, making her one of the wealthiest people in Kenya.

Jane Wanjiru Michuki

Worth: $60 million

Firm: Kimani & Michuki

Bio: Jane Michuki is one of Kenya’s richest women who has used her successful legal career as a platform to earn an extraordinary amount of money.

Michuki studied law first in Kenya, graduating with the degree of Bachelor of Laws from the University of Nairobi and continued her education gainining her postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice, from the Kenya School of Law.  She then spent several years in the United Kingdom studying for her Master of Laws at Warwick University.

Upon her return to Kenya, Jane Michuki began her professional career as a lawyer and quickly moved into corporate law.  Her firm, Kimani & Michuki Advocates based in Nairobi have represented some of the largest businesses in Africa including Equity Group Holdings Limited, the largest bank holding company on the African continent.  Having worked with Equity Holdings Limited for some time, Michuki has also become a large shareholder in the company, which has helped bolster her earnings and pushed her up into not only the richest lawyers in the world, but also the richest people in Kenya.

Despite earning huge amounts from her shares, Michuki continues to practice law in her native Kenya and has been involved in several successful major cases including acting as lead counsel in multiple multibillion housing projects in Kenya for companies such as the Suraya Group among others.

A humanitarian as well as a lawyer, Michuki has been and remains involved in a number of causes across Kenya and the world and has even been made a Human Rights consultant with the United Nations, and Special Representative to the Secretary General to the United Nations Mission Liberia (UNOMIL),Liberia.