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Each month the Lawyer Monthly editorial team produces an insightful, engaging and highly topical publication (Lawyer Monthly magazine) which is then distributed to over 180,000 individuals across the globe. It is distributed to those who work in, or have a direct interest in, the legal profession, and those that must have access the very latest legal news and legal updates.

With its high quality editorial and impressive monthly reach Lawyer Monthly is ideally placed to recognise excellence in the legal sector and therefore award industry leading accolades to those that have demonstrated excellence over and above their peers and competitors.

Lawyer Monthly is Different
Other publications produce awards supplements for every conceivable niche. Lawyer Monthly avoids this approach as it believes that this approach can only dilute and diminish the true value of winning an award. Lawyer Monthly only publishes two awards publications per year, its acclaimed Legal Awards and its ground-breaking Women in Law. This dedicated approach ensures those that take part, and those that eventually win, will gain maximum exposure for their win and that their award win won’t be lost amongst a plethora of other awards.

The Numbers
Lawyer Monthly is ABC audited. This means that Lawyer Monthly magazine and its awards publications are distributed to over 108,000 individuals – and this figure has been independently verified. Again, other publications claim similar or even larger distribution numbers, but unless it is independently audited by a recognised industry body ( the ABC or similar ), then you cannot be sure that their numbers are accurate.

Research and Methodology
Lawyer Monthly conducts research based on two key approaches.

1.Nominations: At the start of each award process the Lawyer Monthly research team invites the entire readership to place a nomination/s using our online nomination process. Each nomination is then vetted by the research and editorial team. Specifically, further research is conducted to validate the information put forward and to compare the information against other industry news, publications, directories and client feedback.

2.Editorial research and industry knowledge: Given that Lawyer Monthly reports on legal news each day via and monthly via Lawyer Monthly magazine, its editorial team are very in-tune with legal news, firm news, partner news, firm achievements, significant cases and legislative changes. All this information ensures that the editorial team are well placed to lend their expertise to the nomination process and help identify significant industry achievements and individual winners.

Press and PR
Once finalised and published Lawyer Monthly goes the extra mile to publicise each award. Lawyer Monthly ensures that each award win is recognised by clients, peers and the industry at large. Given the class-leading distribution and reach of Lawyer Monthly, each winner benefits from a co-ordinated press campaign using online, social media, international media partners, PR outlets as well as a huge online presence on

To register your interest, please provide your email address and we will notify you when the nomination process is open and other specific information relating only to the Lawyer Monthly Awards programme.