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3 Most Common Types of Corporate Fraud

10th July 2020
Corporate Fraud remains one of the most difficult crimes to convict. We break down the 3 most common forms of corporate fraud and how law enforcement are getting better at convicting those behind them.
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The Mercedes-Benz Dieselgate Scandal: What We Know So Far

29th June 2020
In June 2018, Daimler was forced to recall hundreds of thousands of vehicles amid suspicion that they had been fitted with emissions-cheating software. Since then, the scandal has evolved and grown.
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Novartis Agrees $347 Million Settlement for Bribery Charges

26th June 2020
The Swiss multinational pharma company admitted to improper conduct wherein staff of its overseas subsidiaries were paid to boost drug sales through bribery.
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The Serious Fraud Office and the Coronavirus Challenge

30th April 2020
As the UK government implements measures to mitigate the impact of COVID-19, the SFO will soon be called on to investigate allegations of fraud involving those new systems. Can it rise to the challenge?
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Fighting Off Fraud in Times of Virus

16th April 2020
It was inevitable that the COVID-19 crisis would see a surge of "pandemic profiteers" looking to commit fraud. Organisations must remain vigilant against bad actors seeking to exploit this time of economic uncertainty.
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Everything You Need to Know About Criminal Law

7th April 2020
For US readers, a brief discussion of criminal records, procedure, and some of the more common criminal allegations faced by American citizens.
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What Are the Types of Criminal Defences?

1st April 2020
No criminal suit is identical to another. For residents of the United States, there are several types of criminal defence that an attorney might employ on your behalf.
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