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What Is Shareholder Oppression?

30th March 2020
Subtle, under-reported and difficult to expose – here are the tools you need to recognise shareholder oppression and bring it to light.
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A Brief Guide to Dealing with the Serious Fraud Office

24th March 2020
Companies or individuals facing investigation by the SFO should learn how best to respond by reflecting on their past prosecutions.
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France Well-Placed in the Field of Negotiated Justice

23rd March 2020
An analysis of France's "Sapin II" law and the impact it has had on the French government's anti-corruption efforts since its inception.
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Why OLAF Investigations Should Be Subject to Judicial Review

28th February 2020
The European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) is an institution mandated by the EU with the notion of protecting the Union's financial interest. It is an administrative body which investigates fraud against the EU budget, corruption and serious misconduct within the European institutions, and develops anti-fraud policies. But are their investigations thorough and meet legal requirements, or do […]
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Airbus’ Settlement: The Great Escape?

19th February 2020
With Airbus recently announced it has concluded settlements that see it avoiding prosecution for alleged bribery.
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Airbus €3.6 Billion Bribery Fine Amounts to Record Settlement

3rd February 2020
In an agreement to defer prosecution, Airbus has agreed to payout a record EUR 3.6 billion to authorities in France, the UK and the US.
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How Does Competition Law Affect a Business?

31st January 2020
In this quick interview, we speak to Carolina Vera Matiz on unfair trade practice in Colombia and how unfair competition is sanctioned. What is considered an unfair trade practice in Colombia? It is important to say that in Colombia, regulations regarding trade practice cover two sides: Regulations related to free practice, in general, have an […]
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