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How Can Law Firms Drive Informed Decision-Making?

4th January 2019
Allowing businesses to optimise their use of resources and enhance their service offering, mergers and acquisitions (M&As) can provide law firms with a number of commercial benefits. However, they can sometimes result in internal data being spread across multiple platforms, reducing visibility for decision-makers and making it more difficult to spot potential risks and opportunities. […]
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What Is an LEI and How Does It Work?

3rd January 2019
Following the 2008 financial crisis, the Financial Stability Board (FSB) established the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation to support the implementation and use of the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI).
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5 Predictions for the Legal Industry in 2019

2nd January 2019
In 2018, law firms have faced many challenges including maintaining profitability, running efficiently, recruiting and retaining talent, and using technology as an enabler.
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What Are the Professional Implications of Unintentionally Funding Terrorism?

21st December 2018
Examining the cases of Letts and Lane and Honey Rose, Nick Barnard, lawyer at leading criminal defence law firm Corker Binning, discusses the legal implications of corporately funding active terrorism, even unintentionally.
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The Bribery Act: Time for Change?

20th December 2018
The House of Lords has been told that there is a sense of unfairness when it comes to bribery, with the big corporates facing less prospect of prosecution than their smaller counterparts.
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Does Reflection Have a Place on a Law Degree?

19th December 2018
You’re probably wondering, what is reflection and is it something that’s important to my law degree? Emma Jones, senior lecturer in law and member of the Open Justice team at the Open University, has the answers.
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How Can My Law Firm Comply with Data Regulations?

14th December 2018
Technology is constantly changing, therefore staying compliant, especially in the face of cybersecurity and evolving variables, is an extremely arduous task; but there are some solutions.
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