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Brexit: A Halfway House to Becoming Independent or Remaining Locked-Up?

4th December 2018
Following the debut of the recent draft withdrawal agreement, Jonathan Askin, partner at law firm BLM, examines what this will mean for industries from financial services to fishing.
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7 Key Tech Skills for Law Students

29th November 2018
As your skills and experience evolves, you’re going to have to keep up with the world of technology and innovation. Whether it’s getting to grips with AI or even the most basic IT skills, it’s super important to pay attention to moving trends and keep up with the increasingly changing legal world.
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Top 5 Cyber Security Tips to Protect Your Privacy

28th November 2018
Privacy on the internet is a growing topic amongst the world and for good reason.
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US-Iran Sanctions Back in Force, but Who Really Wins?

27th November 2018
Almost three years after the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was adopted, President Trump announced in May that the US would leave the Iran nuclear agreement.
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Inheritance Tax Is Set for Big Shake Up Next Year

26th November 2018
In the early hours of Friday morning (23 Nov), the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) released its first report reviewing Inheritance Tax (IHT). Ben Taylor, solicitor at Roythornes Solicitors, shares his initial thoughts on the report and what it could mean for 2019. Despite less than 5% of UK estates being subjected to inheritance tax, […]
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Is Global Crypto Regulation Even Possible?

23rd November 2018
It’s been nine years since the release of the world’s first ever ‘Cryptocurrency’, Bitcoin, so how will law adapt towards the new and ever-developing virtual financial system in times to come? Experts at Hudson McKenzie give Lawyer Monthly the run down on the potential for crypto regulation. At present, the ‘legal status’ of cryptocurrencies varies […]
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Why Aren't Those Accused of Money Laundering Charged Like Murder Suspects?

22nd November 2018
Aziz Rahman, of Rahman Ravelli, argues that those waging the war against money laundering are missing the real targets. So the European Commission wants to give the European Banking Authority (EBA) powers to ensure money laundering is investigated more consistently. This could mean the EBA being able to ask national anti-money laundering supervisors to investigate […]
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