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Will Cyclists Have to Pay Mandatory Insurance Like Motorists?

13th March 2018
The UK Government recently published its cycle safety review, which recommended that a new charge be created for dangerous cycling. The review also recommended a number of other measures aimed at improving cycling safety, for example introducing a minimum overtaking distance for cars passing cyclists and some talks on mandatory insurance for cyclists. The Department […]
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Why Are Auditors In Such Short Supply?

12th March 2018
Significant changes to the audit profession in recent years mean that the industry is facing a recruitment crisis. Whereas audit used to be considered a core skill for a career in accountancy, factors such as increased audit thresholds and greater scrutiny from regulators are making it a less attractive career path for high-quality candidates. This […]
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Banning ‘Gazumping’ Won’t Stop Buyers and Sellers Behaving Badly

7th March 2018
Towards the end of 2017, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Sajid Javid announced plans to make buying and selling homes ‘cheaper, faster and less stressful’. Amongst his proposals was to clamp down on ‘gazumping’ which sees a buyer lose out on a property at the last minute after a higher offer is […]
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FCA Says Employees Can’t Use Their Own Devices for Work, So Now What?

7th March 2018
Most employers allow their workers to use their own devices for company operations purposes, the most common being sending emails when they’re not in the office. However, new FCA rules now prohibit the use of own devices in the financial sector. Daren Howell, Solutions Marketing Manager at Sungard Availability Services, explains more below. Barely into […]
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Will BoE Crypto Comments Fuel Recovery for Bitcoin & Co?

5th March 2018
The Bank of England governor, Mark Carney, has called for a regulatory crackdown on Bitcoin; comments which can be expected to help fuel a sustainable recovery of the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Dash. Mr Carney noted: “The time has come to hold the crypto asset ecosystem to the same standards as the […]
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Are You in an Unmarried Relationship? You Need to Read This

2nd March 2018
More than three million couples are in unmarried relationships – the second largest family type in the UK, as well as the fastest growing. Kelvin Henderson, Partner at Nelsons Solicitors, dispels the myths surrounding couples who are not married and then decide to separate. What is the so-called common law marriage? “A common misconception when […]
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How will the CPS overcome their many disclosure failings?

28th February 2018
Overthrowing the CPS: Has it Failed the Justice System? ‘Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown’. In recent weeks, the issue of Crown Prosecution Services (CPS) failings in the disclosure of relevant material has been in the spotlight following the collapse of two rape cases. The relevant material which had not been disclosed was […]
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