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Sporting Rights and Sporting Wrongs

19th April 2018
Sporting rights generally comprise the rights to short, hunt or fish on a specific measure of land. But when it comes to buying, selling, renting or leasing land, what power do sporting rights have and what part do they play in the real estate game? Lawyer Monthly hears on this from leading landed estate management […]
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Is the LPA Refund Scheme the Ministry of Justice’s Best Kept Secret?

12th April 2018
A new refund scheme for lasting power of attorney (LPA) applications was introduced at the beginning of February, but could it be the Ministry of Justice’s best kept secret? Elizabeth Young, partner at Roythornes Solicitors, looks at the scheme a month on from its launch and questions why not many people appear to know about […]
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Mundy Vs. Sloane Stanley: What Does the Decision Mean for the Property Industry?

6th April 2018
The property industry’s calculation basis for extending a property’s lease was thrown into question recently following the high profile legal battle between Mundy, a tenant, and Sloane Stanley, a major London freeholder. Nick Davis, Divisional Partner for Glenny’s valuation team, explains for Lawyer Monthly. There are estimated to be 2.1 million homes in England and […]
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The Driverless Race Is On: Patenting Autonomous Driving

5th April 2018
When it comes to autonomous vehicles, Uber and Google are the tech firms you think of, but where do the patents lie?
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The Civil Liability Bill: Why You Should Care

5th April 2018
Philip M D Grundy, barrister at St John’s Buildings, with support from Nick Martin, Edward J P Grundy, and Mathew Smith, delves deep into the new Civil liability Bill and what it means for you. It is time for the insurer’s complaints and claimant’s gloating to cease. The Civil Liability Bill was recently introduced into […]
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#WednesdayWisdom: A History of Women in Law

4th April 2018
It was over 100 years ago that Gwyneth Bebb went to Court of Appeal to demand that the Law Society allow her and three others to take their Solicitors exams.
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Your Thoughts: The Brexit Deadline

3rd April 2018
It’s unlikely that the UK and European Parliaments, as well as those of the 27 remaining EU member states, will continue to accept May’s continued deferment. Negotiations have progressed thus far by batting key issues down the field, but the field is only so big. So, realistically, how close is the Brexit deadline? This week […]
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