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A Guide to UK Immigration for Exceptional Businesspeople

31st August 2023
With the UK Immigration Rules subject to regular change, what should entrepreneurs be mindful of when it comes to applying for entry to the country?
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Supreme Court Rules Northern Ireland Protocol is Lawful

9th February 2023
The UK Supreme Court has rejected a challenge to UK-EU trade arrangements by unionist leaders.
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Post-Brexit Restructuring Proceedings: What Are the Implications for Luxembourg?

31st January 2023
The effects of Brexit have had seismic consequences for all aspects of law, not just in the UK but in Europe more widely.
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Why Are Legal Claims Against Insurance Companies Surging?

19th December 2022
The UK insurance space has experienced several turbulent years, first facing a global health crisis and then a widespread economic downturn.
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Delivering Excellence in Competition Law

19th December 2022
Navigating the intricacies of competition law has always been a challenging task, and one that has only grown more complex in the UK post-Brexit.
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Legislative Overhaul - What is in the Retained EU Law Bill?

30th September 2022
Depending on which parts of EU law the government allows to be 'sunset', the knock-on effects could be extensive. But how, and what would be affected?
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UK Point-Based Immigration – New System, Old Principles?

31st August 2022
Following Brexit, the UK has adopted a new points-based immigration system intended to simplify the process and permit entry for the highest-skilled applicants.
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