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What Will Personal Injury Claims Look Like Post-Brexit?

3rd May 2019
The European Commission and the UK Government recently published advice on travelling in Europe in a post-Brexit world, however there was little mention of what to do if you are injured whilst abroad.
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Here's What Brexit Means for IP

25th April 2019
A “no deal” Brexit means exiting the European Union without any kind of formal arrangement in place in terms of a future relationship between the UK and EU.
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What Does Brexit Mean for Money Laundering Regulation?

17th April 2019
What will happen to the trading and regulatory relationship between the UK and EU post-Brexit?
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Will Brexit Make Money Laundering Easier?

8th April 2019
Below Aziz Rahman of business crime solicitors Rahman Ravelli examines the worrying money laundering implications for the UK when Brexit becomes a reality.
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Will Brexit See a Rise in Money Laundering?

3rd April 2019
Among the political turmoil over Brexit and the UK’s future relationship with Europe, the issue of money laundering seems to have been overlooked so far. And that would be a big mistake. There can be no conclusive estimates of the scale of money laundering in Europe. But we are talking about many billions a year. […]
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Brexit: What Is Driving the Drop in EU Net Migration?

3rd April 2019
In the week the UK was due to leave the EU (and coming just days after the European Council agreed to delay exit date from 29 March 2019 to 22 May 2019 if the Withdrawal Agreement is approved by parliament – or until 12 April 2019, if not), the government has launched a new marketing […]
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What Will Brexit Mean for UK and Malta’s Relationship?

29th March 2019
The UK’s decision to divorce from the EU has put into question the status of British citizens, and that of companies based in the UK, in relation to other countries forming part of the European single market and customs union. Since then, Brexit has been characterised by a number of hurdles, with the EU refusing […]
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