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UK Investors to take Legal Action Against Spanish Banks

19th April 2018
Thousands of UK investors are set to take legal action against Spanish banks for refusing to return deposits on failed property developments. During the property boom period that started in the 1990s, around 800,000 holiday homes were built in Spain each year. Buyers (a large proportion of them British), ploughed cash into Spanish real estate, […]
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Gender Differences Still Persist with Personal Injury Claims

17th April 2018
On International Women’s Day last month, a personal injury specialist called for the legal sector to #PressforProgress and address the potential for gender inequality in personal injury claims. Helena Oxley, trainee solicitor at Roythornes Solicitors, here considers the potential issues between claims for men and women and the impact these can have on calculating a […]
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How to Tell Your Client They’re Going to Jail

12th April 2018
What are the most challenging moments of your legal career?
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The Civil Liability Bill: Why You Should Care

5th April 2018
Philip M D Grundy, barrister at St John’s Buildings, with support from Nick Martin, Edward J P Grundy, and Mathew Smith, delves deep into the new Civil liability Bill and what it means for you. It is time for the insurer’s complaints and claimant’s gloating to cease. The Civil Liability Bill was recently introduced into […]
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Personal Injury Claims Are Going to Change Post-Brexit

29th March 2018
With Brexit is fast approaching, what with this mean for the claims industry? The leaving date is quickly approaching, thanks to Prime Minister Theresa May invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty on March 29th 2017 — leading to a new plan that the UK will officially step away from the economic and political partnership […]
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The Chevron Way: How Does their Legal Team Work?

28th March 2018
Given his past construction law experience in private practice, Arjun Agarwal tasked with managing the majority of Chevron’s construction disputes and international arbitrations on Chevron’s major capital projects outside of North America. With Chevron Corporation being a multinational energy corporation, we find out all about Arjun’s roles as Senior Counsel and how he thinks construction […]
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From Patient to Claimant: Negligence in Court

28th March 2018
Mrs Sally-Ann Dickinson is a Nursing and Rehabilitation Consultant and Case Manager. She works as a singleton expert within her firm and provides reports on personal injury needs and quantum on high value cases and clinical negligence/breach of duty. Having lectured as a Professor in Nursing Law and Ethics to International Standards. Currently, she also […]
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