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Consumer Protection and how it Elevated PayPal to one of the Biggest Payment Platforms in the World

22nd January 2019
As a platform that specializes in money transfers and allows for international payments, PayPal has needed to consider various consumer protection laws to ensure the safety of its customers in over 200 different countries. In doing so, it has become one of the biggest payment systems in the world. PayPal spent many years as a […]
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European Online Casino Landscape to Continue to Change in 2019

16th January 2019
A global trend of online casinos attracting more consumers than their land-based counterparts has led to the creation of more online casino operators, but this has led to the call for firmer regulations. Sweden, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom are just three of the European countries who are changing the way they treat online […]
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The Gambling Industry Needs Lawyers More Than Ever. Here’s Why.

19th December 2018
There’s a place for lawyers in any industry. Whether it’s negotiating patents, fighting false claims or debating over mergers and acquisitions, any company will either have an in-house legal team or, at the very least, access to a law firm in order to make their business run smoothly and stay competitive. The gambling sector is […]
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5 Practical Tips for Success in Law School

13th December 2018
Although there are countless schools from which to choose, you’ll need to put your best foot forward regardless of which one you wind up at. Since obtaining a law degree takes a considerable amount of hard work and dedication, a fair number of prospective lawyers wind up dropping out before completing their respective degrees. Law […]
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Essential Safety Tips for Travelling Alone

30th November 2018
Solo travel has become something of a trend in recent years, as people head out around the globe to enjoy the sights and sounds of international destinations, on their own terms, or even embark on work-related travel. However, along with the sense of freedom and liberation this can bring as a traveller, it’s also important […]
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Casino Games Still Thriving Despite Government Plans to Bring Forward Gambling Laws

27th November 2018
Gambling and more specifically, casino games, have long been a favourite pastime for people all over the world. Whether it's the more traditional games such as blackjack and roulette which take ones fancy or newer, innovative online slots, there's something for everyone within the confines of the casino.  As can be seen over at https://www.statista.com/statistics/217772/casino-gaming-market-in-the-uk/, the casino industry has continued […]
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Cutting Costs as a Law Firm Means Embracing Technology

22nd November 2018
Cutting the cost of doing business is something that every law firm will have to consider at some point. According to Law Crossing, the average law firm spends between 45% and 50% of its client fee on office expenses. Based on this, a £100 per hour charge would result in approximately £50 being spent on […]
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