What Legal Technologies Do Students Need to Be Aware of?

Legal tech is quickly becoming a top priority in the legal sector, and more so for the future generations of legal professionals.

This week Lawyer Monthly benefits from expert insight into developing technology in the legal sector as Francine Ryan, lecturer in law and member of the Open Justice Centre at The Open University, discusses the kinds of tech all law students should be aware of. I wrote a previous article on the 7 Key Tech Skills for Law Students which reflected on how technology is transforming the practice of law and changing the delivery of legal services and the administration of justice. It is important law students master basic technology skills, but students also need to be aware of the incredible pace of technological change and how it will impact on their future workplace. This article introduces fou...
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  1. Kai Hellstrom says

    Automation is going to have a massive impact on the legal sector but is really positive way. It’s going to remove the administrative burden while ensuing compliance processes are followed, freeing up more time to deal with clients, get to the problem of any issues and move law forward.

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