7 Tips To Get A Hassle-Free Divorce

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Posted: 15th November 2021 by
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Divorce is often overwhelming and emotional. Every decision during this process could have a significant relational, financial, and legal impact on you, your soon-to-be ex-spouse and any children involved regardless of age. Uncontested divorces in Georgia are mostly easy as spouses can break their marriage without constant negotiations, court hearings, and legal proceedings. On the other hand, contested divorces are harder, and the process often becomes messier. However, in both cases, if you take the time to prepare and do it right, your marriage dissolution affair can be less overwhelming. We are here with some tips on how you can get an amicable and hassle-free divorce in Georgia. 

1. Make Sure It’s Over

Many couples rush into divorce proceedings without evaluating what they want or need. Give yourself some time to find out if this is the best option for you, explore avenues like mediation, therapy, support groups, or even a trial separation before starting your divorce paperwork. Before finally making your decision, it is also necessary to find out what your spouse wants and why. The more you realise what motivates your partner, the more you will be in a better position to determine what to fight for, what to ask for, and what you can live without.

2. Communicate And Compromise

Communication and the will to compromise are important here as there will be assets that you both feel entitled to, and mixed accounts that require to be divided fairly. Try not to get confused by the details. Remember that the decisions you make today are the foundation of your future. Practically think about what you need to take with you, what you can rebuild, and compromise from there.

As you speculate and make decisions, convey your thoughts to your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Also, pay attention to your ex-partner's priorities. Make sure that they are always well-informed on where you are in the process, and they should do the same as well. The more you and your partner can agree on different matters beforehand, the fewer court issues you will have to deal with and the more hassle-free the divorce will be. 

3. Get Finances In Order

Money is mostly the origin of deceit and conflict in divorce, so cover your field as early as possible with organised, and hard evidence. Start understanding where you are today by tracking your expenses, gathering your tax returns and financial statements on all debt you owe and all assets you own. Make sure you have a bank account and credit card in your name, don’t wait too long to get copies of investment accounts, and get advice from a tax or finance specialist in Georgia.

4. Work With A Qualified Divorce Lawyer

If your ex-spouse is unresponsive, or you don’t feel comfortable communicating with the person, find a lawyer that understands your priorities and what is important to you. Letting a lawyer speak for you can keep things professional and respectful. They take the emotions out of an argument and communicate it to your ex, a mediator, or a judge when necessary.

Moreover, part of a lawyer's job is to make you feel confident and relaxed about the way they are handling the case. That is possible only when they will have all the context and details, so express all your needs and concerns to them openly. However, working with a wrong divorce lawyer may contribute to an even greater sense of hostility between you and can make matters more stressful. Therefore, it is important to find a qualified divorce lawyer for a smooth filing process, clear guidelines, and collaborative experience. Also, experienced lawyers in Georgia can help you avoid serious mistakes that impact settlements or delay the process for months.

5. Prioritise Meetings

If the divorce process lingers because you keep rescheduling, you may lose focus and matters may become more complicated. The longer you postpone or hold off these meetings, the longer it will take to finalise the divorce. And,  you will be wasting time and money, and it will take you longer to get back to normal life. Therefore, to get a hassle-free divorce, stick to the schedules and prioritise the meetings, and make sure your partner does the same. 

6. Seek Help From Family And Friends

Divorce proceedings, no matter how amicable, are likely to bring great stress and emotional turmoil in life. Having someone close to talk to, share worries, take care of your kids, or help you out in any way needed will greatly assist you in passing this difficult time. Your well-being is more important than anything else, and you will feel mentally stronger when you do not feel like through your divorce alone. If you maintain a good headspace, the divorce process will naturally become easier, faster, and hassle-free for you.

7. Look To The Future And Think Long-Term

If possible, try to be one of those couples who continue to be friends even after the separation, particularly if you have children. However, allow yourselves some time and space, to create new, courteous, and professional boundaries with one another. Take a timeout to control your thoughts, try to spend less time in the same vicinity, and keep in control of your emotions, before communicating. However, if you both feel it would be best to sever all ties and move on, do so amicably.

The Bottom Line

It's not true that there is no such thing as a good divorce. All separation is a cause for some sadness, but it's also clear that when the couple in question is doing everything in their power to face the divorce process in cooperation and fairness and is on friendly terms, then the experience can be tolerable, hassle-free, or even harmonious.

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