Ways A Lawyer Can Help You When Going Through A Divorce

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Posted: 13th September 2021 by
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Whilst no one goes into marriage with the idea of getting divorced, it's a sad reality that many eventually do. Divorce is a big step, and it can be both challenging and emotional. You'll want to know what your rights are and what's the best way forward, so you can get through the legal process and rebuild your life. In this article, we'll cover ways that a lawyer can help with your divorce proceedings so that you can get the best possible outcome for you and all concerned.

1. They Can Answer All Your Questions

The lawyer will be able to apply their knowledge and expertise to your specific situation. If you have queries about your divorce - for example, regarding the division of assets and debts - a family law attorney can offer legal advice. They can also tell you what outcomes are realistic. They will be able to answer any questions arising once negotiations have begun with your spouse. They can also make sure that any agreements made are legal and binding, so there isn't any confusion later on.

You can access a lot of helpful free information on the subject of divorce by visiting the internet. There are many online articles related to divorce, covering anything from signs of a toxic marriage to the best online divorce services. You can learn about the divorce process in places like Maine, California, or Arizona and view guidance on how to ask for a divorce when you're nervous.

2. They Can Advise Regarding Children

Lawyers can help you understand the process from your child's perspective. They can also help ensure he/she maintains relationships with both parents following the divorce. The attorney will consider the child’s needs when working out the custody or access arrangements. You should also be thinking about what your child will want if they are old enough to have an opinion on their living situation after the divorce. They may not want to spend equal time with each parent. Your lawyer can help ensure this aspect is taken into consideration.

Domestic violence is one of the factors considered by family courts when determining custody and visitation rights. A lawyer can advise regarding restraining orders for both children and parents if court-ordered safety measures have already been imposed. If children were harmed as a result of your marriage breaking down, it may be possible to file criminal charges. At the other end of the spectrum, attorneys can help you prove there has been no abuse or neglect of the children by either parent.

3. They Can Advise Regarding Property Distribution

Your lawyer will help you determine which home is considered “matrimonial property.” They will consider whether it should be divided between the husband and wife in an equitable fashion upon dissolution of the marriage. Sometimes lawyers recommend property division options outside of legal proceedings, such as leaving one spouse with a specific piece of property and equitably splitting others without going through the courts.

4. They Can Advise Regarding Asset Distribution

The assets that form part of the divorce settlement relate to those acquired before/during the relationship or even afterwards.

This includes real estate, bank accounts, investments/stocks, and more. The law applies regardless of whether they were bought with joint funds (e.g. a jointly-purchased home) or individually.

5. They Can Help With The Paperwork

If you try and sort everything on your own, there's a good chance that you'll miss something, especially if your legal knowledge is limited. The legal system can be complicated, but having professional guidance at your side will make the process safer. Your lawyer will be able to oversee the documentation and paperwork related to everything from property division to child custody arrangements.

6. They Can Help With Any Court Proceedings

If court proceedings aren't necessary, lawyers can still serve as your advocate. They'll be able to negotiate with the other party and come up with a settlement that's best for you both. This avoids any future headaches over court dates or rulings by judges which could affect things like child custody arrangements and finances.

Should your case end up in court, however, your attorney will be there to help you. Attorneys can take on all court processes on your behalf, including the filing of paperwork and appearances before judges or mediators. Thanks to their experience in working with the court systems, they'll know how best to represent your case.

7. They Can Help With The Negotiations

A divorce lawyer can help you negotiate the terms of your divorce to find an agreement that satisfies both parties. By having legal representation, it will be easier for you to focus on building a new life without worrying whether alimony payments are being made properly.

If negotiations fail between spouses, they may need to go through mediation before starting any type of litigation in court. Divorce lawyers have plenty of experience negotiating with similar attorneys, so this can save valuable time during the proceedings. Ultimately you'll want a fair divorce settlement and this is what your legal advocate will relentlessly pursue.

8. They Can Provide Emotional Support

It's easy to feel overwhelmed having to make choices about things like child custody and asset splitting, and many of the decisions you make can impact you in major ways long after the divorce has been finalised. The journey becomes far more comfortable when a legal professional comes alongside to help.

Lawyers are trained to be good listeners. They can provide a non-biased ear for you as you sort through your emotions during the divorce proceedings, especially if children are involved. While they may not have gone through divorce personally, most divorce attorneys have handled many cases. This means they should be able to offer sound advice based on their knowledge of the law.

Divorce lawyers can give you extra peace of mind when you know they are fighting your case and advising you at every step. With their help and assistance, you can achieve the best possible outcome and begin the next season of your life from a good starting point.

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