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The IPW Becomes The First Membership Body To Achieve Recognised Paralegal Status Within The Sector

The Institute of Professional Willwriters (IPW) has become the first body within the sector to ensure their members are already signed up to the Professional Paralegal Register ( ahead of the launch to the consumer market on the 6th July.


Founded in 1991, the IPW is a self-regulatory body that has worked hard over the years to safeguard consumers from unqualified willwriting practitioners and unethical business practices within England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. In a bid to keep on top of industry standards and ensure their members are the best within the industry, the IPW have requested all members apply to be a member of the PPR to become recognised paralegals.


The PPR has been set up by the National Association of Licensed Paralegals (NALP) and the Institute of Paralegals (IoP) in order to regulate paralegals for the first time and only recognise those who provide the highest of standards. The PPR will be made available to Paralegals, employers and consumers on 6th July, meaning consumers can be happy with the security and peace of mind that the paralegal they’re using has been approved and will be able to assist them to the best of their abilities.


Sally Brown, Chief Executive of the Institute of Professional Will Writers, commented:


“The Institute of Professional Willwriters are very pleased to achieve recognised status as a membership body with the Professional Paralegal Register. Our members already adhere to a strict code of practice approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute under their Consumer Codes Approval Scheme and they are keen that they are now recognised as Professional Paralegals and to take advantage of the additional support that membership of the PPR will bring”


Rita Leat, Director of the Professional Paralegal Register, commented:


“We are delighted to welcome IPW into the fold of the Paralegal Profession. IPW have demonstrated the highest standards required by membership bodies, which means that its members are able to apply to be regulated under the PPR. This is good news for its members who can now be recognised as paralegals and great news for consumers who can now use the register to search for professional will writers in the knowledge that they will be protected.”

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