Julian Assange and his journey home

Julian Assange’s journey home

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Julian Assange’s case has been in debate at the UK High Court and the US department of Justice for some time now. Finally, with an agreement in principle with the DoJ, Assange has began his journey home to Australia.

Assange has been fighting extradition to the US and finally he has been allowed to move on with his life, the journalistic freedoms being debated since his arrest.


The Agreement in Principle

Julia Assange has served 5 years in a UK prison and this time will be credited excusing him from spending any extra time in a US prison. He will plead guilty to one charge, in relation to violating the Espionage act.

Assange was flown to Bangkok where the aircraft refuelled before beginning the journey to the Mariana Islands where a judge will sign off on the agreement.

Assange has distrust with the US and would not voluntarily return to the continental USA, explaining the choice for the Mariana Island, a US territory in the south Pacific.


When the agreement has been signed off they expect Julian Assange to return home to Australia where his wife and two children currently reside.



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