Trump found guilty of fraud

Donald Trump found guilty of fraud

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Former U.S. President, Donald Trump has been found guilty of all 34 charges of fraud against him in the trial surrounding hush money paid to Stormy Daniels and the falsified records. This has been stated as illegal campaigning and influencing the 2016 election through supressing information becoming public as Stormy Daniels was paid to keep the affair between herself and Donald Trump quiet. The 12 person jury has found Trump guilty and he will be sentence in July.

Mr. Trump claims this was set up and rigged as a political stab against him.


History has been made

This is the first time in history that an American former or current president has been convicted of a crime making the predictions hard to determine.

Donal Trump will face sentencing on July 11 which could be a large fine or prison time.

The sentence is set to be announced just days before Mr Trump is scheduled to be nominated as Republican candidate.


What does this mean for the election?

Mr Trump is running in the election held in November but with a criminal records, will he still be running?

With this being a historical first there is no format to go from and many think if Mr Trump is sentenced to just a fine he will still be running in the election.

The prison sentence could be for up to 4 years which experts say will be an unlikely verdict.

This could dissuade people from supporting Mr Trump however, with people more worried about aspects such as, the economy and where foreign aid is being sent to this year, the public may not be thinking about Mr Trump’s trial.

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