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Top 4 Jobs To Consider In The Legal Field

9th June 2022
If you want a lucrative, exciting, and secure job in an essential field, one of the sectors that is well worth considering is the legal sector. For those who are undecided about a career and prepared to put in some hard work and commitment, this could be a very good choice because this type of […]
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3 Hacks To Help You Stand Out As A Budding Paralegal In 2022

30th May 2022
When seeking a successful and enjoyable career path, it is important to try to make sure you improve upon this as much as possible. There are so many things you need to consider here when it comes time to make the most of this. You have to try to come up with some of the […]
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Top 5 Transferable Skills You’ll Attain As A Paralegal

14th April 2022
1. Office Skills The skills needed in your work as a paralegal, i.e. source analysis, critical reading and writing and digital know-how, are useful for any career. These office skills, essential for paralegal work, offer a promising outlook for climbing the ladder as a leading paralegal. However, lots of these skills, such as learning to […]
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What Other Options Do You Have After Getting a Law Degree?

1st April 2022
It is often assumed that students pursuing a law degree are preparing to become solicitors or barristers. But what other career paths are available?
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Meet Keeva – Law student and junior paralegal

2nd November 2021
Pursuing a career in the legal industry  Keeva chose to pursue a career in the legal industry, after discovering that Law touches every part of a person’s life, which she found fascinating and enticed her to want to enter the industry and learn more. As an undergraduate student, Keeva has worked as a paralegal alongside her […]
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Working as a Paralegal: How to Choose the Right Sector for You

17th August 2020
It is a fallacy that all paralegals work for solicitors. Many, of course, do, but they are usually law graduates who wish to become solicitors.
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Getting Your Firm Back on Track Post-COVID

17th July 2020
As we all know Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown has forced many law firms into hardship and although we are gradually coming out of lockdown, that does not mean there aren’t any challenges still ahead. As lockdown is slowly lifted, law firms will be looking to get back into business and onto an even keel […]
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