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The Build to Rent Boom & What It Means for UK Commercial Property

10th July 2019
The popularity of residential build to rent is sending shockwaves throughout the UK property sector. In this article, the Smith Partnership Commercial Property team takes a closer look at the residential build to rent boom and its implications for commercial property. The explosive growth of build to rent is one of the most significant shake […]
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Navigating the Government’s No Deal Brexit Preparations for Data Protection

18th June 2019
The UK government’s recently announced certain Brexit/No Deal preparations when it comes to data protection and privacy, but very little is understood about these so far.
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Theresa May In Tears As She Resigns As UK PM

28th May 2019
The prime minister Theresa May confirmed in a short speech that she would be departing from her position on June 7. There was an emotional moment as she finished, her voice breaking as she said it was "the honour of her life to serve the country she loves".
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What Will Personal Injury Claims Look Like Post-Brexit?

3rd May 2019
The European Commission and the UK Government recently published advice on travelling in Europe in a post-Brexit world, however there was little mention of what to do if you are injured whilst abroad.
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Here's What Brexit Means for IP

25th April 2019
A “no deal” Brexit means exiting the European Union without any kind of formal arrangement in place in terms of a future relationship between the UK and EU.
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1/3rd of Expats in the UK Are Worried About Domestic Politics

16th April 2019
New research reveals that 14% of expats in the UK would consider returning to their home country for political reasons
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Will Brexit Make Money Laundering Easier?

8th April 2019
Below Aziz Rahman of business crime solicitors Rahman Ravelli examines the worrying money laundering implications for the UK when Brexit becomes a reality.
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