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Why Fixing the US Bail System is Tricky

29th January 2019
Cash bail is great… if you can pay for it. In this video, Vox explains how inmate population in local US prisons have skyrocketed in the past 20 years, and the reason behind it.
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When America Agreed on a Border Barrier

21st January 2019
The battle over the border barrier has shut down the government, but it was not always such a divisive issue.
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See Kevin Spacey Appear in Court

14th January 2019
Actor Kevin Spacey, who is facing a charge of indecent assault and battery, was ordered by the judge to have no contact with the accuser.
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Second Brexit Vote for the UK?

7th January 2019
Speaking about a second referendum, Chuka Umunna tells Sophy Ridge about what would need to be on the ballot paper this time around.
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Blair on Brexit: "The Logical Thing Is To Go Back To The People"

17th December 2018
The former prime minister says both the EU and the UK would benefit from extending Article 50 to allow for another vote on Brexit.
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Who is William Barr?

10th December 2018
Trump's new attorney general pick, Bill Barr, has held the position before under George H. W. Bush.
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Theresa May: "I Will Make the Case for This Deal With All My Heart"

26th November 2018
Theresa May 'full of optimism' The prime minister says the EU endorsement of her Brexit deal marks the start of "a crucial national debate."
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