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Protests around the world for Gaza

3rd May 2024
In the US over 2000 people have been arrested at campuses causing debates over their rights to protest, free speech as well as accusations of antisemitism.
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When is it appropriate to conduct a policy limits trace?

1st May 2024
A policy limit trace is an inquiry to determine the maximum amount of money an insurance policy will pay out in the case of a claim. It is particularly relevant in situations involving litigation or settlement negotiations where an individual's or entity's insurance coverage may play a crucial role. Knowing the policy limits can inform lawyers and claimants about whether potential recovery amounts from the insurance policy are aligned with the damages sought.
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What are the 'peculiarities' of UK law?

25th April 2024
Rebel Wilson calls out the 'peculiarities' of UK Law as parts of her memoir will be redacted from UK editions.
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Elon Musk facing legal trouble over X content

23rd April 2024
Elon Musk refuses to take down content from X which the Australian Esafety commissioner states is deemed as class 1 under Australian classification law which is offensive violence with a high degree of detail and argues that there is a responsibility when working in social media.
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Will the Rwanda bill come into action?

16th April 2024
The Rwanda bill is still being debated in the UK, how will it work, how much does it cost and is Rwanda safe?
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Scotland’s Hate Law bill and the named opposition

15th April 2024
The Scottish Police reported that they receive at least 3800 hate-crime complaints in the law’s first 3 days.
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Who is OJ Simpson and what did he do?

12th April 2024
In 1994 Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ronald Goldman were murdered in LA, O.J. Simpson was an immediate prime suspect.
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