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Real Estate: What to Watch Out For in 2019

29th January 2019
This coming year is likely to be memorable for a number of reasons, not least of all in the legal sphere.
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Data Protection Day: Are Human Rights Being Infringed?

28th January 2019
Today, Monday 28 January is the internationally recognised day for Data Protection.
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Flu & Illness: What Are an Employee’s Rights at Work?

25th January 2019
As the sickness is highly contagious, workplace absences are inevitable and it’s important that businesses are aware of their employees’ rights.
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Here’s How Law Firms Can Avoid Common Email Marketing Mistakes

24th January 2019
Losing a subscriber is much easier than finding a new one, which is why your email marketing team has almost no room for error.
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The Big Four’s Legal Play: The Pace of Change Accelerates

23rd January 2019
Law firms today are faced with many challenges including maintaining profitability, running efficiently, recruiting and retaining talent, and keeping up with the latest technology. All of this combined with the rise of the client-empowered era, where clients demand services be faster, simpler and tailored to their needs, is forcing law firms to take note of the fact they need to digitise or die.
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4 Ways to Enhance Digital Innovation in Your Law Firm

23rd January 2019
Over the past few decades legal practices, like other sectors, have embraced digitisation.
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Demand for RegTech Solutions Intensifies as Regulatory Burden Looms Larger

22nd January 2019
An overwhelming majority (85%) of financial services professionals predict that demand for RegTech solutions will continue to grow until at least 2020 as the wave of new regulation a decade after the financial crisis shows no sign of abating.
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