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Global Cross-Border Pollution: The New Illegal Immigrant?

21st August 2018
As nations focus upon the ongoing issue of illegal human immigrants, such as the Trump administration’s focus upon the Mexican border, is the real issue at hand the ongoing unmeasurable cross-border pollution which effects nations worldwide? Below experts at Hudson McKenzie discuss with Lawyer Monthly. Air pollution is a serious issue. Recent studies show that […]
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Does Lower Income Tax Make a Happier Country?

20th August 2018
According to extensive research, Finland was named the happiest country in the world. The report was compiled from the answers of a series of questions relating to the quality of people’s lives, from 0 to 10. The average was taken from over 2015-2017, with 156 countries taking part. The World Happiness Report scored each country […]
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How Does a Lawyer Switch Off on Vacation?

15th August 2018
For legal professionals, a healthy work life balance always seems far on the horizon, and when it comes to the holidays, it’s often difficult to switch off from case work. Below Lawyer Monthly hears from Richard Holmes, Director of Wellbeing at Westfield Health, who discusses the benefits of time away from work life, but more […]
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Your Thoughts: Facebook & Your Banking Data

15th August 2018
Forbes is warning to ‘quit Facebook before it inevitably accesses your banking data’ following reports from the Wall Street Journal alleging that Facebook has spent the last year in touch with banks such as JPMorgan & Wells Fargo in pursuit of its users’ banking data. As a result, investors bled the social media giant of […]
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Are Data Protection Laws About to Go Global?

10th August 2018
At the end of June 2018, the California Consumer Privacy Act was passed unanimously, potentially sparking a revolution in data protection across the US. Following in the footsteps of the EU’s new GDPR laws, the privacy act will mean radical changes to how companies can gather and monetise their customers’ data in California. Below Lawyer […]
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Is Alexa Your New Lawyer?

9th August 2018
When you need the answer to a legal question, unless you’re seriously traditional you most likely pull your smartphone out and ask Siri or Alexa. Below Tom Desmond, CEO of Law Firm digital marketing agency ApricotLaw, delves into the ever-evolving uses of technology in the legal sphere. Voice searches are becoming increasingly popular. More than […]
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Your Thoughts: Dixons, Reddit & the Breach Boom

7th August 2018
Week after week media outlets spout out news about large companies failing to disclose old breaches, suffering current security breaches or refusing to explain their situation surrounding a breach of data. All these scenarios carry different circumstances for each individual companies and each of them carry implications for customers and questions surrounding regulatory framework. Over […]
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