When Should You Hire a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney?

When Should You Hire a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney?

A huge majority of people out there fail at doing a very good job of respecting our older people.

At the very least, we should worry about the safety of our elderly when it comes to taking care of them. To stop elder abuse, we need to know what it is, what we can do about it, and when we need to call in the professionals. 

If you think an older person is being mistreated or if you have been abused, you should call a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney and let him handle things from there. 

Here are some of the common reasons why should you hire an elder abuse attorney:

1: Physical abuse

If you feel that elders in your vicinity, or at someplace that you know of, are being physically abused, it is time that you should consider calling an elder abuse attorney. Physical abuse includes physical assaults meaning hitting or shoving. 

Additionally, it involves inappropriate usage of drugs, enforced confinement, and usage of restraints. Physical mistreatment and forcefully doing something to elderly people also come under Elder abuse. 

2: Psychological abuse

In old age, humans tend to lose their power over their minds, and the overall mental stress could be lethal to them. Other than physical abuse, psychological abuse is another thing that demands that an elder abuse attorney must be called in to save the elders when being enforced on elders.

Psychological abuse includes intimidation involving direct threats or yelling. Moreover, it includes public humiliation, ridicule, unwarranted, continual blaming, or scapegoating. Ignoring also counts as psychological abuse. For example, if an elder is being isolated from their friends or isn’t being allowed to perform the activities that they love, it all constitutes psychological abuse.

3: Sexual Abuse

Physical, sexual acts or activities involving nonconsensual exposure to pornographic materials constitute sexual abuse. For example, if an elder is being forced to watch pornography or is intimidated to watch sex acts, it counts as sexual abuse. 

If the elder is being non-consensually undressed or being forced to take their clothes off, it counts as sexual abuse. If any of this happens, it is time to call in the elder abuse lawyer. An experienced elder abuse lawyer can know how to deal with this situation and take action against the offender or the company involved in such a violation. 

4: Caregiver Neglect

It is a sad state of affairs that it comprises more than half of the elder abuse cases reported in the United States. It involves intentional or unintentional neglect while taking care of the elders or while addressing their needs. 

Suppose an elder is not being taken care of properly, despite the institute being financially capable. In that case, it counts as elder abuse, and the elder abuse lawyer must be hired to provide the required justice.

5: Caregiver Fraud

If an institute is charging for un-provided health care or is double-billing the patient, it is caregiver fraud and is another form of elder abuse. If the health care institution is getting kickbacks for providing referrals or for prescribing some kind of drugs, then it counts as elder abuse. 

Additionally, over or under-medicating the elders is another form of caregiver fraud and is treated. That is why if you think that an institute is performing caregiver fraud in the case of elders, you should immediately talk to an elder abuse attorney.

6: Money Abuse

Suppose you find out that an institute is improperly using a senior’s money, property, or assets. In that case, it is time to give an elder abuse attorney a call and let him proceed with the necessary legal action. If anyone other than an institute is doing so, it is still counted as elder abuse.

Steps to prevent elderly abuse

● Try to communicate with the person who is the victim of elder abuse.

● Ensure that you are deeply interested in their welfare and care for their financial security

● Be open and courteous to them, as loneliness might be the main issue behind their financial abuse. It means that maybe someone is being friendly with them and taking benefit from them financially.

● If you see a crime being committed, say it out. In California, if the suspected abuse is not reported by a person of authority, it is counted as a crime.

● Inform adult protective services or call 911 if you feel concerned about the deteriorating health of the elderly.

● Immediately inform an elder abuse attorney about the situation.


Elder abuse is a crime punishable by law. If any person who is facing elder abuse resists it, he can save himself from every kind of financial, physical, or psychological abuse.  Nursing Home Abuse Attorney are always available for these kinds of cases, and that is why approaching them should be your topmost priority. You can schedule a free consultation with them to discuss your case by calling: 561-655-1990

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