Learn How to Perfectly Structure a Law Essay

Learn How to Perfectly Structure a Law Essay

A law essay needs an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Usually, each body paragraph contains one idea. The introduction features one paragraph that highlights the topic and concludes with a thesis statement. The conclusion is a summary of the introduction and the key points in the body paragraphs. 

Concision is a key issue that requires attention in a law essay. Every point you introduce requires to be supported by authorities. It can be a statute or a case law. Pay attention to the structure and type of law essay you are writing, such as compare and contrast, critical analysis, argumentative, and descriptive. 

Pay attention to the key features of a law essay

A law essay focuses on legal issues which can be both current and historical. You can compare and contrast the application of justice in the past and modern society. You could look at key amendments to the constitution. Sometimes, the lecturer could be specific on the topic to cover. It is beneficial to request help from assignment services if you have difficulties writing or lack time. 

The key features of an attractive law essay include the following:

● A strongly defended and clear thesis statement

● Use of correct references and quotations

● Writing concisely in the right style

● Following a well-defined structure and flow

● Expressing a high creativity level based on deeply researched arguments that respond to the essay question. 

● Being attentive to details while focusing on the essay question

● Staying within the legal frameworks and using the simplest language possible

Find an attractive topic

The professor will love your essay if he notices you are keen when selecting the topic. It must be aligned with the essay question and directly address the issue at hand. Every legal paper provides an analysis of the law, which requires you to study the law and research its application widely. The information you get will give you broader ideas on the topic to choose. Structure the topic in a way that makes it attractive in the eyes of the reader. 

Create your writing plan

The amount of information required in a law essay is huge. You will be required to gather it from multiple sources and consolidate it into the most appealing essay. This calls for proper planning from the starting point to the end. Since you require ample time, the first item should be the amount of time you need to complete a detailed law essay. Give yourself enough time and, if possible, the maximum time. 

If you have two weeks to the submission date, plan how you will do your research. Based on the type of essay you are writing, research to know the types of sources that will provide the right information. Plan how you will access each source, the amount of information to get from there, and how to get it. It is crucial to record each source for the sake of references. Create a writing plan based on the information available to you. This includes the points to use in each section and how to use them. 

Develop an outline

The outline helps to make sure you do not leave out any important point or section. If you fail to create a good outline, your essay law essay structure will be flawed. The outline draft includes every point that you will use in the three main parts of an essay. There will be one key point for the introduction, three or four points for the body, and another point for the conclusion. Write guided by the outline and then write the final draft based on the outline draft. Pay attention to these three parts. 

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In this section, state clearly what the essay is about. Most creatively, inform the reader what your discussion is about. Hook the readers by making the introduction engaging and interesting. The paragraph concludes with a thesis statement that tells the reader how you will interpret the law and its importance in the topic. 

The body

Mostly, the body of a law essay consists of three or four paragraphs. It is the main part of the essay and covers the key arguments. This is the section where you provide your evidence to the point stated in your thesis statement. Each body paragraph is a unique unit that covers one point plus its supporting evidence. 

A good body paragraph structure covers three main sections. It starts with the main sentence, which introduces the key argument. The middle part contains the supporting information to the point. You may include relevant minor points to provide greater weight to the main point. The final section is the concluding sentence which crowns the entire paragraph. It is also the transition sentence into the next paragraph and point. 


The conclusion is the last paragraph of your law essay. It reaffirms your points in the body and the thesis statement. Provide a summary of your main point in this section. You may provide a suggestion about what might need further research but avoid introducing a new point. 

Issues to pay attention to

A good essay structure should be simple and easy to follow. Stay within the academic writing guidelines and language. Make sure every source used is referenced based on the citation style of law essays. Use phrases such as it is possible that …, this question deals with…, and it can be argued that …


Writing a law essay is different from writing a case file. You are required to demonstrate your understanding of the law in your araguments. Each argument should be systematically and logically developed. Keep the structure neat, coherent, and effective. With the right information, it should not be difficult thing to write a law essay. What is required from you is a high level of creativity and thinking outside the box. 

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