7 Examples And Tips On How To Write My Paper

7 Examples And Tips On How To Write My Paper With A Good Introduction

What is the definitive feature of ‘Star Wars’ that even non-fans know? The iconic opening with the background story on the screen. The lines glide slowly through the galaxy. They tell everything about the world of extraterrestrial beings. Once you start watching the movie, you already know what happened in cosmic history. How to compose an unforgettable ‘opening’ or introduction for your academic paper? Check the tips from our experts below. 

Why Is An Introduction Important?

An introduction is the first part of the student’s essay or research paper. ‘Should I write my paper with or without an introductory part?’ If you want your writing to be cohesive, compose an intro. A well-written introduction sets the tone for your paper. It describes the problem to be discussed for the reader. 

Now imagine that your reader knows nothing about the topic. An introduction is a perfect place to give more details on the background of the problem. It’s a place for facts, statistics, and, obviously, a thesis statement in the end. 

#1: An Intro As A Thematic Overture

Remember ‘Gone with the Wind’? The classic 1939 movie has a traditional overture one can hear during the opening. While listening to the beautiful Romantic piece, the viewer admires the grand Southern landscape. The first two minutes set a mood for the viewer. Think of your intro as an overture that sets the entire tone of your writing to the reader.

Both the landscape and the Romantic overture take the reader back to the 1850s American South. Do the same in your essay. Let’s say you’re writing an essay on the importance of technology. Start with ‘imagine the world without the internet, coffee machines, and smartphones.’

Keep going. Continue with, ‘there is no electricity, and only a candle is the source of your evening light.’ Voila! Now your readers are ready to hear about the importance of modern technology.

#2: Catch That Phrase

Yeap, your first sentence should glue the reader’s attention to your essay. Here, the best strategy is to present data that shocks or amuses the reader. ‘Should I write my paper with logic or emotion?’ Use both! Mix emotions with your imagination and appeal to the reader’s feelings.

  • Start with the ‘imagine if….’ As already said, such sentences set a tone for the reader and keep them emotionally engaged 
  • Keep your reader in owe. ‘Imagine you have no right to speak your opinion or choose a president. This is how people in Russia live.’
  • Make your reader smile. Yes, you can open your essay with a joke. Just keep it age-appropriate and theme-related.

#3: Illustrate Your Logic

If you want to fill in your paper with facts and statistics right from the beginning, do it! Here, numbers are your best friends. Just make sure to mention the official source from which you’ve extracted the data. 

  • Facts. Facts are an effective tool against the most bullheaded opponents. No one is going to argue that the Earth has a round shape, right?
  • Statistics. Numbers are the language that tells the truth regardless of our intention to listen or not. ‘Did you know that each fifth person in Africa is facing hunger right now?’ A good opening sentence to start your essay on global hunger. 

#4: Don’t Forget About The Thesis

A thesis statement is a compulsory part of any introduction. ‘Should I write my paper with an extensive or concise thesis?’ Well, it depends on your topic and the number of arguments you’re planning to defend. Some thesis statements take a few sentences, while others only 20 words. 

How To Write An Effective Thesis Statement?

  • Write down the arguments in the sequence they’re going to appear later in the essay
  • Keep your thesis structured and well-organised
  • Always keep in mind that your thesis statement is the main idea of your essay. Hence, be reasonable.

#5: Create A Background

Not all your readers are well-familiar with the topic. For some of them, the terms might sound weird, and the statistics might seem unnecessary. When composing your introduction, mention facts that your reader might not know.

Start with statistics, and continue with a description of why the topic is important. For instance, write down the statistics about hunger in Africa. Then tell the reader about the organisations that fight against hunger. Present reasons why hunger is a significant global issue. Later, write down possible solutions in the thesis statement. 

#6: What About The Format?

An essay introduction will differ from an intro in the research paper. An essay introduction will contain a few sentences. Meanwhile, an introduction in a research paper might take an entire 200-word section. Obviously, the structures will slightly differ. To stay on the right track, always follow your professor’s instructions. 

The average structure of an intro section is as follows:

  • An opening sentence to catch the reader’s attention
  • Few more sentences in the middle part to describe the problem
  • A thesis statement

#7: Proofread And Edit The Introductory Paragraph

‘Why should I consider proofreading and editing after I write my paper introduction?’ 

When writing fast, everyone makes mistakes. Whether it’s grammar or punctuation that suffers the most, always proofread your paper. Meanwhile, timely edits will save your grades. If proofreading is obviously not your piece of cake, leave it to apps like Grammarly. The latter will proofread your text and even check it for plagiarism. 

What Else Should One Consider To Write A Superb Paper Introduction?

  • Use grammar and plagiarism checkers
  • Contact a paper writing agency
  • Reach out to the local writing centre
  • Watch and read paper-writing tutorials online

Final Thoughts

Your introduction is the first part that the reader sees. This section sets a tone for our writing, describes the problem and introduces the thesis. In the opening sentence, keep the perfect balance of emotional and logical appeal. After that, set a background for your reader. Always keep in mind that the intro section should be well-organised and follow a specific structure.

We hope the article was helpful to you. Good luck!

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