5 Best Online Mock Jury Services

5 Best Online Mock Jury Services

Why Use An Online Mock Jury Service?

Online mock jury panels are a way for practising lawyers and legal professionals to trial a case before they take it to the stand. Legal experts utilise internet trials  to help them build their arguments, explore a case, and develop new insights based on the advice shared with them by their audience panels.

Mock trials are staffed by paid volunteers from across the country. Tasked with reading or watching trial information, and then rendering their verdict on the case, these mock jurors are compensated on a per-case basis. These opportunities offer decent pay for those looking to work from home; the work itself also tends to be more varied and interesting than your typical work-from-home gigs. 

We’ve curated a list of the top websites that pay you to work as a mock juror.

1. Helpfull

Helpfull websiteHelpfull is a real-time feedback platform offering internet users the ability to earn money by participating as survey respondents. In addition to answering questions about mock online jury cases, participants on Helpfull can get paid for sharing their insights on any number of unique situations – including those not pertaining to the legal profession.


2. eJury.com

eJury websiteeJury is one of the more popular – but lower-paying – online juror sites. While the pay rate is lower than your typical juror site, eJury is one of the more beginner-friendly platforms. The website features several educational resources meant to educate those who are new to the jury system on how the process works. The average pace for jurors working on eJury is one 6-page sample case completed in about 35 minutes. Users on eJury can access their payments by linking a PayPal account.

3. JuryTest.net

JuryTest websiteJuryTest is another strictly legal-focused platform, offering one-day legal focus groups as well as mock trials. Users who sign up are asked to select which of the two types of activities they’d like to participate in. From there, JuryTest asks users to share personal demographic information – such as gender, religion, and political affiliation –  to better target and sample their jurors. Jurors on JuryTest are asked to share their insights and experiences related to the political issue or legal case at hand. Users are paid out on a case-by-case basis.

4. Virtual Jury

Virtual Jury websiteUsers on Virtual Jury participate in online focus groups to trial legal cases. After signing up on the main website, users are randomly selected to participate in mock cases. Much like JuryTest, this service asks participants to share their thoughts and feelings on relevant legal issues and current events. 

Mock jurors are mailed their checks within the first two weeks after completing their trial. 

5. ResolutionResearch.com

Resolution Research websiteResolutionResearch.com is a market research platform owned and operated by a parent company of the same name. As well as participating on legal panels, ResolutionResearch.com enlists online panellists to consider surveys of all types, across a wide number of industries. The pay varies from job to job, and users can access their funds at any time – no minimum withdrawal amount. Users are compensated whenever a friend they refer completes their first survey. 

Choosing The Mock Jury Service That Is Right For You

The best way to determine which online mock jury job service is right for you involves trialling the online services that most interest you. As these services do not demand any sign-up fee or monthly service charge to enrol, trying out a case on each of these platforms can give you greater insight into what your online jury experience will be like. As the work on these signs can be a little sporadic, signing up for multiple services increases the likelihood you will be chosen to sit in on a case.

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