Self-Studying For A BAR Exam: Should You Go For It?

Self-Studying For A BAR Exam: Should You Go For It?

Building a career as a lawyer requires one to spend a number of years in college or law school and then take a BAR exam before they can start practising law. The BAR exam is not as easy as most people think, and students need to be well prepared before they can sit for it.

After law school, students are faced with the challenge of choosing the right option to study for their BAR exam. The most common options include the use of online materials, BAR prep courses, self-study, and the use of study groups. A significant percentage of law school graduates often go for the self-study option since it is flexible and allows them to engage in other activities and study at their own preferred time.  However, before settling for this option, you need to look at all the benefits, drawbacks, and understand everything that is required of you. 

Why Should You Choose The Self-Study Option For Your BAR Exam?

It does not matter how you choose to prepare for your BAR exams, the most important thing to note is that there are different paths to success, one of them being self-study. There are many online materials available to guide those that want to study on their own. In addition, they can compare BAR review courses and choose the ones that meet their requirements. If you self-study for a BAR exam, you will be able to reap several benefits, among them. 

Considering Your Strengths

One of the best ways of learning is through your strengths. When self-studying for BAR exams, you are able to look at the things that work for you and implement them when studying. For instance, there are those who find studying visually better. Such people can use things like flashcards and read key materials for them to grasp every concept that they need. Others prefer using written materials, something that they can do on their own. This means that you will not be limited to a certain study method that could be used if you were to attend classes. You do what best suits your learning methods.

Time And Pace

Enrolling in a college to prepare for your BAR exam will force you to go at the pace that the college chooses. It will also confine you to a certain timeframe. On the other hand, self-studying for your BAR exams gives you the opportunity to choose your own study time and pace. This is important especially for those that are already engaged in other activities. They need to be able to balance time between their BAR exam preparation and the other activities that they are engaged in.

Saves Money

One of the most expensive courses you can enrol in today is a BAR exam preparation course. These courses typically cost over a thousand dollars, something that might not be ideal for students with strict budgets. On the other hand, self-studying materials can be found online for cheaper amounts of money, or even free of charge.

Allows Students To Choose What To Focus On

Enrolling in a course forces you to study everything that is thrown at you. You might also be forced to take mini-exams to see how prepared you are. However, if you choose the self-study option, you have the freedom to choose what you need to study. This gives you a chance to focus on areas that you have difficulties in, giving little to no time on things that you already know. Finally, you need to have gone to a good law school for you to be able to self-study for your BAR exam. It is, therefore, important to make sure that you choose the right law school for your career.

Should You Choose Self-Studying For A BAR Exam?

With all the benefits that come with this option, it is one of the best for those that are preparing for a BAR exam. However, self-studying is not for everyone. You need to make sure that you are organized (you can plan on your own without any help), can find the required study materials on your own, can avoid distractions, and assess yourself without any issues. If you do not have a problem with any of these, then you can choose the self-studying option for your BAR exam.

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